How Can Maum Meditation Change My Life?

My life has been miserable, and drained.. I found maum meditation through youtube and I like it. I just need some change of my life. how can this change my life.. please help.
markmate markmate 31-35, M 23 Responses Nov 20, 2012

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It works. You become a ghost. You detatch emotionally of your past, good or bad. You get a purpouse in life. You get to feel needed. You feel that people really care! Because they really belive! So they rally care! You can finally get to a point where nothing is important, because it's all in your mind! And your mind is full of stored tapets of the past. Its full of ****. and it dies! maum. makes you live forever. And the past lacks meaning! It does not exist. Here Maum meditation taket advantage of a basic fundamental defect of the mind, the mind always needs meaning. If my life was built on historic bullshit, and before me lies a perfekt road, that makes perfect sence, then that's the road I wanna walk. Especially if you get love and food! What else do I really need! I cant think of anything, really! At least that's what I feel and believe I want! Maum also uses the peoples' minds' ability to compartmentalize! Which is a way for the mind to avoid pain! When, in the beginning, the helper tells the story, and you have to wait with questions, the third or forth time you here the story it's no point to react, you just have to nod so that the "helper knows you follow"! I said you really bore me, I know the story word by word allready. Here she used some really professional NLP techniques( or she is just a brilliant phenomenon on getting me away from being present. She kind of exploded, raised her voice and stamped her foot, made me loose track of my thought and I started focusing on her again, realizing this I pretendent going along. Nodding along. but bored to peices, I started giving up myself. Here I am to nice, or codependent, or I would have left the place!
Instead I became the perfect student! And she explained:
You die
You become a goast
You fly to the universe
You have a black hole in front of you
You recall everything, all the tapes/pictures chronologically in your life
You throw them in the hole

Here I started laughing, not to scorn, but of happiness! I recognized the steps. Metaforically when I died, I comforted and lovebombed myself! I was shitscared and covinced that I was dying! I continued comforting and loving my fear for hours and hours and all my history, memories, guilt and shame came up to a concious level and I cried and cried and forgave myself for everything! It took hours! Then my mind, the part that was lojal to my parents inability to meet my needs, went bananas! I heard it as if echoing in a large stonebuilding, doing it's best to put me down. But it left me and at the time I was pretty shure I'd gone utterly mad:) but I just couldn't stop laughing. I was comletely free! And for a week I was hardly touching the ground when walking. I just loved everyone I met. I new I shouldn't show it (the love I felt) all over the place but it was impossible to take peoples fear seriously.
Back to Maum. I tried to explain to her about my "death" and that I totally believe Maum is working. She would not not listen. She believes in Maum and nothing else, and I dont blame her! It probably saved her! But if you ask me it is a method that works! But it has a price! And i dont mean economically! You become more loving and free in relation to your past. But totally ignorant in meeting other people than Maumpeople with an open heart! Though open, but conditioned to Maum!
Peace Andreas

I recommend to you seek help in another way if you really want to be free.

Please hang in there and seems like you are ready to move on to the new dimension of life how happy it actually can be.. Please give Maum Meditation a try. You will be able to see yourself changing inside-out. Good luck on your journey!

Dear Markmate,
I hope you've already started maum meditation, because then you have already found the solution. This meditation can change your life, because it has this method of throwing away what has been stored in one' mind. That mind you have inside you is the pain and stress itself. So if you find a way to get rid of them, your life will be changed and become a delightful one. So please start this meditation if you haven't yet, it'll be a great help to you.

Maum Meditation will change your life from despair to hope. I really experienced it. I had a huge fear of facing the reality. It's GONE.

Believe me. Maum Meditation is the best and easiest method of cleansing all stress mind and pain mind. You will be able to fly after this. No kidding.. prove it!

Maum Meditation changes your life completely (positively, of course). As everyone has different life experiences, everyone will have different changes through Maum Meditation. But, they are ultimately changing their life to Real one. That's where true freedom and liberation come from :)

Hey! Cheer up! Don't give up! Maum Meditation can definitely help you. It's really the solution for anybody and everybody. Find a Maum Meditation center near you and visit to attend an introduction. :-) How this can change your life, well, the reason your life has been miserable, and drained, can be discarded with Maum Meditation. That's how and why to your question. :-)

It will surely change your life. I'm wondering if you've already started it?
Maum meditation has this method and what's so good about it is that it can actually eliminate the cause of all the problems you have. It's not about just calming down but actually discarding the cause of the problem.

You can get help at Maum Meditation, markmate. You can come out from that life. I believe Maum meditation is very good in a sense that it has the method. So, you can cure yourself with the method, not by external factors like having medical treatments. And this cure will last permanently (it's not something that goes off after some time). I wish you good luck!

I strongly recommend you to try maum meditation. It is a life chaning experience. I have been practicing over a year, and it helped me to find true happiness in me. Go to the maum meditation official website - You can find more useful information about Maum Meditation.

Through Maum Meditation, we can change our lives from the negativity to the positive mindset. Our negative mind arises from the "pictures" from past experiences. And Maum Meditation has the distinctive method that enables us to throw them away so that we can recover our original mind which is the Universe mind. Hope that you will give this a try!

I hope you can come out from the misery of your life, as I did with Maum meditation. It will truly help you come out from the darkness. You'll no longer live how you're living at the moment. cheer up, buddy!

From being stubborn to being acceptable, from being stressed out to being stress-free, from being helpless to being hopeful,...... I can list changes in my life through this meditation on and on and on.... Just give it a try and you'll be surprised.

Maum Meditation will change your life through this unique method of subtraction. It is like hitting reset button on your mind and make it clear as the Universe..I really hope you would give this thing a chance and do. You will be able to see how you are changing through..

Let's change within first. Outer factors that I perceive right now starts from within. Through Maum Meditation you will be able to see what has driven you inside and even discard them so that your mind will be transformed from misery to happy one.

When I first started Maum, I could see the changes in my life within a short period. I became more open to everything and it felt like everyday is a new start and a new day! I'm living in the moment and I became a person who can truly enjoy life.

Hi :) If you liked it on You Tube, you'd also like practicing Maum. I'm sure Maum will change you life. What makes you feel good about life is really your mind. Your mind will positively change through Maum Meditation and that will change your life positively. Well, it's how I felt after practicing Maum.

Hello markmate, I am very positive that Maum Meditation could change your life. When we change our mindsets no matter what has been affected my life so far, we can get a brand new chance to change our lives. Maum Meditation provides the method to throw away the false mind and just by letting them go, you will be able to see how your life can be changed to the better one. Thanks :)

I think it helps if you see things from a different perspective than your own. Maum meditaiton helped me to see things from a wider perspective. I deal with situations better than before without getting too emotional and I'm also able to listen to others. If you need some changes in your life, then I think it's up to you, how you see and accept things around you and not the situation or circumstances itself. Maum would help you to see or accept things as they are, which will definitely make your life easier.

Well, Maum Meditation is a perfect choice to find real change! The only way to really make a positive change in the mind is to take the time to actively and consciously subtract the accumulated mind of the past. This is exactly what Maum Meditation does!

I'm not sure where you live, but you can check out the website of the place I meditate at if you like! The people are very helpful and sincerely do what they can to encourage everyone everyday! ~

Hi There. I am sorry that you are going through a hard time.

I was really drained as well before I started Maum Meditation.
I was irritable, and suffering through a mild depression I believe.

Now I have been doing Maum Meditation for several years now.
I can tell you first-hand that I feel so comfortable now that I just wish everyone could try Maum.

I feel extremely positive inside. There is a "knowing." a knowing that whatever happens, I will be ok. In most any situation.
Reason being is that Mau Meditation gave me the unique method of subtracting all of the stress and illusions from my mind. These pictures in my mind were like poisons for my mind and body. Being free from all of that stress that I build up and carried with me throughout daily life has been the greatest and most comfortable feeling that I have ever felt.

My skin has never been more radiant, my overall health is great, and I can credit all of that to Maum Meditation. I know this because I wasn't ever feeling like this before I did Maum.

So I can just reccomend to you that you just try the meditation and give it a try. I am very sure that you will benefit greatly from doing it.

Good luck, and cheer up!!

Thank you for your honesty and I believe opening up yourself to the people for help is already a huge step forward. Well for me Maum gave me a much more positive insight to the world and people to see that everything and we are all one. Of course I haven't got there yet but I am striving for it. Besides, there are several benefits you will gain such as oovercoming depression, stress relief, health improvement and etc.