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Maum Meditation Helps Me To Reduce Stress

I am a Maum Meditation practitioner. Practicing maum meditation is one of the best ways to reduce stress. This meditation works not only during the session but works daily life. I feel more comfortable when dealing with clients at work.
mikewa mikewa 36-40, M 25 Responses Nov 21, 2012

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Like victims of tick bites are often unaware, as the parasites inject painkilling agents to numb the bite and start sucking victim's blood.
Same with Maum meditation, its like parasitic tick attaches to your sole, injects some happiness drug in to you, and keeps sucking until you either awaken and remove the parasite or they will finished suck on you until it take your body and soul completely, and you become one of their parasitic drone looking for prey.
Anybody who reading this please do search about their organization, read previous member testimonials. Ask questions because maum meditation hiding a lot from newcomers. BE CAREFUL !!!!!

Is true. Practicing maum meditation can reduce stress,but working daily life, because once you sign up for the first month you can not give up and be free of them, I finished all levels and I sure they work dark energies , so you must give to them every thing you have at the end of the levels.

Hi Mekewa, you don't tell for how long time are you practicing this kind of meditation. I did all the levels beside I went to the conference, and truly I can say this meditation is a cult. Really the students whom practice this kind of meditation, they fell well,but dark energies are behind of each prayers the instructor forced to pray all the students.

That is true. I feel much more at ease these days since I started Maum Meditation. The method called subtraction is genuine!

Maum Meditation is a really effective and efficient meditation. You can really apply it to your daily life, and it works! I just love it.

That's true. I can see the changes in me in my daily life. It's very effective.

I agree. I'm really falling in love with maum

I also think Maum Meditation is the best way to become happy. I cannot describe how happy I became after meditating at Maum!! You can really meditate in your daily life, too. I so like it!

Well, I would rather say, Maum Meditation is THE way to reduce stress. :-)

I also experienced the same with Maum meditation. I do get the regular medical checkups and I found out my stress level has reduced A LOT. It almost went down to zero. I felt that I no longer suffered from stress but it became more certain with the medical proof. My life just has become joyful.

I totally agree what mikewa said and I am really thankful for you to share your story. Since Maum Meditation helped my life so much I was looking for the way to tell others so that they can also experience the benefits of Maum Meditation.

I've been doing maum meditation for about 1 year. I picked up the brochier about maum meditation when I was suffering from tremendous stress. I loved the idea of subtraction so I decided to try. Amazingly it worked to reduce my stress level and not only that I am happy all the time.

I hope everybody has the chance to meet maum meditation and find the true happiness *^^*

Getting through my daily routine get so much easier with Maum Meditation because this program helps a big time to let go of the stress I accumulated. It is fascinating how stress just melts away just through this method.

I found the same with Maum Meditation. It has significantly reduced my stress. I used to get stressed out so easily but I don't seem to have any stress now. I'm so happy!

Yeah, I totally agree with you on the, 'works daily life'. I think that is the best part of Maum Meditation for me.

Right. Maum Meditation is the best remedy yet for me to release stress. It is awesome program and I feel lucky to meet this.

Yes. That comfort you recover after subtraction is amazing. No matter who I am with and what I do with them, stress no longer resides within. Just by throwing away my false mind can lift off so many stress of me.

Agreed. So amazing!! I'm enjoying this stress-free life.

It's the same for me. It also helps me sleep deeply. The meditation really works everywhere! If I feel like I have too much thought in bed, I just practice it and fall asleep soon. I can have a fresh morning with this meditation.

The amazing part of Maum Meditation is enabling us to realize how false these stresses are. And, being able to throw them away is even more awesome!

Certainly the best way to relieve stress that I have ever known.
Not only that, the stress doesn't return.
Maum Meditation's method is great because it is simple, logical and anyone can do it.
I have been living MUCH MUCH better since doing Maum Meditation.

I totally agree. I love how simple the method is and how it is actually entirely focused on getting rid of the source of stress, difficulty, and conflict in the mind so that not only is the meditation often filled with insights and relief, but the majority of the benefit is noted in the daily life!

Totally agreed. This method of Maum Meditation immensely works for the stress relief.

I definitely ditto that. The method is really simple, but it brings results which are not temporary or limited. I see my changes in daily life with my family and friends, also at work. What I've thrown away through this method, is really gone and doesn't bother me anymore. I hope this will be designated as a part of school programs.

I am a truck driver. They teach me how to maditate at daily life. It really help me a lot. I am meditating while I drive. I used to hate my job. But now I am feeling more peaceful.

I am also doing Maum Meditation. And it helps me to release the daily gunk and grease I have shoveled into my mind. The method is quite easy to follow. Thanks for sharing your experience.