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I'm A Troubled Sleeper. I Wonder If Maum Meditation Could Improve My Sleep.

I've been nocturnal just because of floating thoughts. It would be so good if I could sleep for few hours at night. I'm afraid if sleeping pills would bring me some severe adverse effects. I once heard Maum Meditation was helpful in ridding of the floating thoughts. Does anyone know if Maum Meditation is really helpful in improving your sleep?
serena81 serena81 31-35 25 Responses Nov 21, 2012

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Maum Meditation has the method of throwing away the false mind. In this case all of your lingering thoughts are the one you are going to throw away. when you start to let them go, you will see how much clear-headed you become. Then falling asleep will be much much easier.

Yes. In my case, I used to have this very heavy feeling in my head, it wasn't exactly a headache but it was heavy all the time. That heavy thing in my head is gone. I sleep well and wake up well.

Oi.. Try Maum meditation. It will definitely help you with a sleeping problem. Don't be suffered from that when there is a perfect solution for you.

I sleep very well after practicing maum meditation too. It helped me in many different ways.

Maum meditation will make you stop worrying about insomnia after few weeks of practicing this program. I swear..

Ouch... It must be painful every night. Maum Meditation is really effective in improving your sleep. I go to the center after work and meditate about 3 sessions. So I had to sacrifice my sleeping hours but the result is that I feel much better in the morning. Although I sleep less than before, I never feel tired. Subtracting the mind is much better than sleeping and dreaming!

Honestly I never had any serious sleep problem but it took me always some time to finally fall a sleep, like 20 to 30 minutes? I used to spend that time thinking what I could've done better, what I should've done or not, what I have to do tomorrow and such things. But now I fall a sleep the moment I lay down. :-) And I'm not exaggerating at all! :-) I sleep much deeper and I wake up way more easily. I mean, before I had to struggle a bit every morning to actually get UP, if you know what I mean. :-) But now I just open my eyes and I'm already ready to start a new day. :-)

I guess sleeping would definitely improve with Maum Meditation. Try it and you'll see it. The result would be positive. My mind was always busy and noisy. I was sick of it but couldn't control it. But in Maum they tell you the method to throw it away and it works. Good luck!

Oh~~~~~ YOU will be amazed about the fact that Maum Meditation is better than any other pills in the world to help sleeping. Before I was doing maum meditation, I had too much thoughts I couldn't sleep at all even one hour. I had constant worries and running thoughts. I even took the pills to make me sleep for long time. However, NOTHING worked.

After I tried Maum Meditation and cleansed mind, suprisingly I could sleep so quickly even after one or two minutes later after I went to bed.

Anyway I storngly recommend for you to try maum meditation. You will be thankful for me one day *^^*

I sleep ok during the night usually, but when unwanted incidents strikes me, I would just stay up over a several nights in a row. I just couldn't sleep. But through Maum Meditation, since I have thrown away the base that generates the problems, these thoughts wouldn't reside within me.
I still go through sleepless nights once in a while but it is not as severe as it used to be.

Don't take sleeping pills. Once addicted, it's hard to escape. You need a method or meditation to get rid of your floating thoughts. Sleeping pills are definitely not the solution to your problem.

Although I've never been nocturnal, I had sleeping problems from time to time. That must be killing you. So far with my long meditation experience, Maum meditation deals with eliminating the floating thoughts most efficiently. I hope it helps you.

For me, Maum Meditation works for my better sleep. Before I started Maum Meditation, I couldn't fall asleep right away due to the pointless thoughts just like you. Now those restless minds have decreased through this method of subtraction and the time from lying down to falling asleep is getting shorter. I hope this meditation will help your sleep as well.

For sure. Give this a try and throw away all your thoughts. You will realize falling asleep was that easy in the first place.

Yes! when you "subtract" the false mind which is the core elements of your thoughts, you will just fall asleep once you lie in your bed. ;)

I started this Maum Meditation with my mother. She was having difficulties with sleeping at night because she worried too much of everything. After few months, she started to get better and now she doesn't take pills to go to sleep. She is more energetic and I am very glad to see her doing activities during the day with so much energy.

Yes, it improves your sleep. You can practice Maum Meditation not only at the center but also in your daily life. So for me, when I have hard time sleeping because of worries or thoughts, I practice the meditation in bed. Then, really I can fall asleep with "quiet mind."

It's good to hear that you haven't tried medication yet because it won't help at all. I have been there. Instead, consider trying meditation. The biggest reason why we cannot sleep easily is because of too many thoughts. We have to do something about those thoughts but definitely not by the chemicals which will just make you numb.
Maum Meditation has the unique method to let go of your thoughts. So I am very affirmative about how Maum Meditation will help you to have a quality sleep.

Since starting Maum Meditation, I Fall asleep within minutes from lying down and closing my eyes.
That is remarkable considerering that before Maum Meditation I would constantly toss and turn and never seem to find that "sweet spot" that makes me sleep.
The improvement in sleeping came shortly after starting Maum.
If you think about it, it makes sense...if the mind is comfortable, then the body follows and becomes comfortable.

I have been practicing Maum Meditation for quite awhile now and one of the most common things people seem to note as a benefit when they first start is that they sleep better.

The source of restless thinking is what Maum Meditation aims to subtract. I think you will find great benefit in this method of subtraction!

Maum Meditation offers very simple principle. Let's just let go. When you are able to shake off all your lingering thoughts before you go to bed, you will fall asleep in no time. Maum will help you to let og of those thoughts. It will definitely help you out.

I think so. To be honest, I do not have any trouble at sleeping but I think that maum meditation will work. Maum meditation makes me relax.

Hi, I've been meditating with Maum meditation for a number of months. I was, too, a troubled sleeper. With my boyfriend's suggestion, I started it and I got mostly cured from insomnia at this point. My ever noisy mind became quiet and calm. I enjoy this state of mind and hope it lasts long.

Yep. I also had sleep problem. I just couldn't fall a sleep with no reason. After a few sessions of maum meditation, maybe a week or so, although I couldn't yet realize any big change, one day I slept 8 hours straight like a baby. That was something, maum meditation did help me to get my sleep back.

Hello I recently started Maum Meditation about 5 months ago because of my high levels of stress. Honestly I've never undergone any insomnia issues but I met other students who would suffer from that. They said the more they threw away their distractions, the easier they could fall asleep without the medications.

And speaking of my stress levels. they have been reduced a lot. So I am very sure you will be able to get rid of your sleeping problems. Hope this helped.