I’m Curious How To Do A Guided Meditation Like Maum Meditation.

I have been self meditating for few months to improve my self. But it is not always working well. I want to keep meditating as I know it's good for me but kinda want to change my strategy. I found out on the internet that Maum Meditation is a guided meditation. I wonder how to do a guided meditation like Maum and whether it is better or more helpful in self-development.
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Like victims of tick bites are often unaware, as the parasites inject painkilling agents to numb the bite and start sucking victim's blood.
Same with Maum meditation, its like parasitic tick attaches to your sole, injects some happiness drug in to you, and keeps sucking until you either awaken and remove the parasite or they will finished suck on you until it take your body and soul completely, and you become one of their parasitic drone looking for prey.
Anybody who reading this please do search about their organization, read previous member testimonials. Ask questions because maum meditation hiding a lot from newcomers. BE CAREFUL !!!!!

Maum Meditation fall under description of a cult. “Nobody joins a cult. Nobody joins something they think’s going to hurt them… “ Maum Meditation using subtraction technique, you will discard your memories- “pictures in your mind”. They have 7 levels of this meditation. Its one of brainwashing methods from Korea. People (most of them are ladies) who work there call them self “helpers”. The will tell you how good this method is and how happy they are, and how happy you will be. They will offer you to come eat delicious Korean food and keep meditating more and more, if you complain about something they will tell you that you need to meditate even more. Until you be brainwashed and ready to serve them , very soon you will be on the streets recruiting new members. You will leave your family and loved ones. What maum helpers won't tell you is this that around level 3 or 4 you will be asked to donate large sum of money, they don't tell the truth until they get your mind controlled. After level 7 is another level, or what they sometime call it "culmination" process with the leader Woo Myung, it last about three weeks or so, you will be send to a camp in Argentina or Korea, or some other place, they will ask you to pay large amount of money, around $6000 , or more depends on your financial status. They are hiding this information from newcomers.

When it is guided, you get to avoid the risk of getting lost on the track. Maum Meditation helpers are helping you through step by step so that you can keep up with throwing away all of your false thoughts. I think guidance is the huge help when it comes to meditation.

How to do a guided meditation? It's easy. You literally follow the guide. Then, you never get lost in your meditation. You get to focus on what you're doing all the time.

that's the answer, I guess.

I've been meditating with Maum Meditation and it always works well because the instructor always guides me. I think Maum Meditation would be the best alternative for you. You'll never fail or wander around in your mind any more once you start Maum meditation. Good luck :)

I've been doing Maum Meditation for about two years now and it's been amazing. :-) The method of subtraction is really amazing. It actually works and I become free from my mind world. I can't thank enough for this. :-) Oh, and about guided meditation thing, I don't know what other types of meditation look like, but in Maum Meditation you can go any session you want and they have 7 sessions a day which is great. You can basically go there anytime you want and meditate. And there's always somebody who helps you. :-)

Honestly, I can't imagine doing meditation without guidance, unless you are at certain level.
When I started this, it was even hard for me to just sit there but more and more I could concentrate better and better thank to the guidance. The helpers give you instructions and they help you along the meditation.

Guided meditation makes you meditate much more effectively leading you to better results. Maum meditation is really helpful in self-development. I feel not only my self but also my entire life has improved after I started Maum meditation.

Well! I've been practicing maum meditaiton over a year. To tell the truth I've never tried other method other than maum meditation. People sometimes ask me why I am not trying other meditation and I usually say that I don't need to because I already find what I was looking for.

Although I cannot say guided meditation is better than private meditation, I would say guided meditation is clear and easy to follow and I can also check my status.

I am stil dong maum meditation. I will do until I complete entire levels. I am sure you can also find the benefit of Maum Meditation if you have open heart.

There are helpers in Maum Meditation who are truly willing to help you get out of the false reality. According to the method of Maum Meditation, they will help you out and the process of coordination with each other is quite amazing. I would say guided meditation is way more helpful in elevating yourself to the better state.

I can say, for sure, Maum meditation is good at self-development. I could see my self change every time I meditate here with guidance at Maum meditation. It's really good. You'll know the value when you actually do it.

I am a ex-member of Maum meditation and want to share some things with you!
How Maum mediation works :
It uses subtraction meditation technique. If you spend an hour to an hour and a half a day in meditation, after a few weeks, there is a great probability that you will not return to full beta consciousness. You will remain in a fixed state of alpha for as long as you continue to meditate I'm not saying this is bad--if you do it yourself. It may be very beneficial. But it is a fact that you are causing your mind to go flat. The more you meditate, the flatter your mind becomes and that’s were the danger comes when you allow someone else who you don’t fully know the motives of to take you through these steps and slowly alter deep beliefs about yourself and the world! And if heaven on earth is non-thinking and non-involvement, I really question why we are here. And once some people are in a deep meditation state they become so "suggestible" that in addition to acting out the suggestion that they should relax deeply, they will swallow doctrinal indoctrination whole without rationally analyzing it. The result is the reduction of thought and eventually, if used long enough, the cessation of all thought and withdrawal from everyone and everything except that which the group direct. The takeover is then complete. It is important to be know that when members are instructed to use these techniques, they are told that they will benefit by so doing: they will find enlightenment and human completion. Crusading agenda to save the world or convert all souls to “universe mind.”
We are all conditioned that if someone gives us something, we have to give them something in return--in this case, it is your money!

Regardless of guided or not, Maum Meditation has a specific method to cleanse our mind. That is the method of Subtraction, which is quite simple but very scientific at the same time. Most of all, this meditation let us know what is things we are going to let go of and why we have to throw them away. That will give us more motivation to cleanse our mind. And even it is guided! You will find Maum Meditation very simple to follow and surprisingly effective to improve my self faster.

You will have a helper with you throughout the session who are there solely for your progress on throwing away your mind. Hence I would say guided meditation is way much easier and more helpful for the self-development.

I think guided meditation could be easier than self-meditation. This is just an analogy but let's say we are climbing up the high mountain that I have never been before. Wouldn't it be much easier with the guide than struggling and taking all the risks without one? :)

What I like about Maum Meditation is that it is always guided meditation. With having someone to guide you, you can get specific goals and clear result. You should definetly sign up for a free info session they provide :-)

You can simply follow this meditation because it is, as you said, a guided meditation and the method they teach you is so precise and clear. They always remind you of a goal so that you can grasp how it will progress and where you are heading to. It's certainly helpful in self-development. You will see yourself change positively over time.

There are helpers all the time at the center who are so willing to help you out. The method is quite easy and fun through the simple guidance according to the universal method.

I never really tried self-meditation before doing Maum. I have been doing Maum Meditation for several years.
It is guided and that makes a big difference I imagine.
It's tough for anyone to stay focused if they are just trying to meditate alone, I guess.
But the guide being there and leading the Maum subtraction method really makes it fairly easy to follow.
It's very effective.

I have tried lots of types of meditation in the past; some were guided, some were not. When I came to Maum Meditation it was quite clear from the beginning that this was something special.

The method of Subtraction, that is what really intrigued me. It is a very active method of throwing away the false mind; not just some posture to hold or a breathing technique. It is actually consciously and actively throwing away all the accumulated mind of the past, which is the cause of all kinds of human suffering.

The fact that it is guided is a huge bonus, and probably an indispensable one. Having the center to go to seems invaluable as well. It is such a great set up to help people really enlighten very deeply to come out of all the many kinds of suffering the may have.

I did the same thing as far as self meditation. It did not change anything in any real, permanent way. As far as Maum Meditation, it is guided for a reason. I couldn't overcome myself through "self" meditation. So any method is either a) guided or b) not guided. Not sure how you could do a guided meditation by yourself...without it being guided? Oxymoron here or something of that nature. But seriously, the method itself is what is being followed. Pretty simple. The instructors just guide us through that method. They don't teach anything. The method itself is key. Since the instructors have apparently been through it and are authorized to guide it, the guidance simply keeps us on track to a T to follow the method itself. Hope this makes sense for you. Otherwise, we are left to try and figure out what/how to meditate. That for me was generally useless.

They will help you with a big smile. And I am thinking that this meditation is really good for a self-reflection. If you start it, you will be able to understand more about this world.

Everyone wants to be the better self than yesterday but it can be extremely difficult when you are trying to be with your ego. From this perspective, Maum Meditation is very helpful to let you see what your mind is from very objective way. All you gotta do is following along the methods that will be given. But please don't forget you are the only one who can pull this off.

For me self meditation -or trying calm myself down- never really worked, I always had so many thoughts running in my head. I think it's good to have someone who gives you instructions like in maum. You can focus better and you don't get lost.

Honestly, I'm not sure about self-meditation as I've never done it but I can say Maum Meditation is a good guided meditation. You just sit there in a meditation room and the instructor tells you what to do. Although Maum was my first meditation experience, it was easy and simple to follow. What I liked the most about it was that I could see me change positively. I guess Maum meditation is good for self-development, too.

Yes Maum Meditation is a fully-guided meditation. I have been doing this meditation program for about 5 months now and it has been a lot of help. First, it was easy to focus since there were verbal guidance so that I won't feel any blockages. Second, the more you throw away your false mind, the cleared it becomes of the true mind. So for self-development, this meditation works quite well.