Maum Meditation Got Me Out Of Game Addiction.

Hi all,
I just wanted to share something good with others.
Well, I'm a student. Of course, I'm supposed to study (at least doing homeworks :p). There was something that always hindered me from studying or even getting socialized with my friends: an online game. It was getting worse and worse. I couldn't control myself as I always went deeply inside the game. Playing it all night long became my routine. At school, I was energy-less and couldn't do anything.
My mom's friend recommended me Maum meditation. I couldn't help but do it. I've been doing this everyday for about a month. I meditated for about 2~3 hours after school. To be honest, I still play games but I now control myself. I do homework and must-to-do first then play games just for fun before going to sleep. I'm so happy that I can now go back to my normal routine.
I want to continue this meditation. I think it's really good.

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I am a ex-member of Maum meditation and want to share some things with you!
How Maum mediation works :
It uses subtraction meditation technique. If you spend an hour to an hour and a half a day in meditation, after a few weeks, there is a great probability that you will not return to full beta consciousness. You will remain in a fixed state of alpha for as long as you continue to meditate I'm not saying this is bad--if you do it yourself. It may be very beneficial. But it is a fact that you are causing your mind to go flat. Maum meditation tells you it is human completion--which is simply a predictable physiological result! The more you meditate, the flatter your mind becomes and that’s were the danger comes when you allow someone else who you don’t fully know the motives of to take you through these steps and slowly alter deep beliefs about yourself and the world! And if heaven on earth is non-thinking and non-involvement, I really question why we are here. A schedule is maintained that causes physical and mental fatigue (That’s why you need to came meditate every day for at least 2 hours). The aim is to create a mechanism in flesh and blood with new beliefs and new thought processes. So you can be a drone and recruit more people who will bring more money to keep up wish lavish life style woo muyang lives! Heavy participation in meditation is a formula for psychological destruction.

Alright. Now, second tip-off that indicates conversion tactics are being used in maum meditation: Its important to cause your nervous system to malfunction, making it difficult to distinguish between fantasy and reality. This can be accomplished in several ways. Poor diet is one; sugar throws the nervous system off. More subtle is the " Self balancing food" used by maum meditation the one they want you to purchase! Do you know what in it?! It makes you to reduce alertness, especially when combined with long hours of meditation and sensory overload. You feel happy because your body produces serotonin and adrenalin, this hype is temporary and goes away in so you assessed with completing another level and chasing the rush. Those experiences will stop after some time, so you may find yourself in a dark spiritual pause.

These are altered-state-of-consciousness techniques that initially induce calmness by giving the mind something simple to deal with and focusing awareness. The continued use brings on a feeling of elation. And once some people are in a deep meditation state they become so "suggestible" that in addition to acting out the suggestion that they should relax deeply, they will swallow doctrinal indoctrination whole without rationally analyzing it. The result is the reduction of thought and eventually, if used long enough, the cessation of all thought and withdrawal from everyone and everything except that which the group direct. The takeover is then complete. It is important to be know that when members are instructed to use these techniques, they are told that they will benefit by so doing: they will find enlightenment and human completion. Crusading agenda to save the world or convert all souls to “universe mind.”
We are all conditioned that if someone gives us something, we have to give them something in return--in this case, it is your money.
The maum helpers have not told you this yet, they don't tell the truth until they get your mind controlled. After level 4 it will ask for "Sky Funds" to allow your ancestors to go to heaven from purgatory, about 1K USD. Really money will take then to heaven?
After level 7 is another level, or "culmination" process with the leader Woo Myung, it last about three weeks or so, and its usually held somewhere in Argentina, Korea, or some another place, they will ask you to pay large amount of money, around $6000, or more depends on your financial status. Without this culmination you wont be "complete!

NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN BRAINWASHED AND REALIZED, OR BELIEVED, THAT HE HADBEEN BRAINWASHED. Those who have been brainwashed will usually passionately defend their manipulators, claiming they have simply been "shown the light" . . . or have been transformed in miraculous ways.

Educate your self! Ask questions and check the answers.
How much money does founder Woo Myung make a year as head of Maum Meditation? Is he open about his salary, or is this information hidden? I would like to know the Truth. It would clarify his true self for us.

Look for these sings:

It works. You become a ghost. You detatch emotionally of your past, good or bad. You get a purpouse in life. You get to feel needed. You feel that people really care! Because they really belive! So they rally care! You can finally get to a point where nothing is important, because it's all in your mind! And your mind is full of stored tapets of the past. Its full of ****. and it dies! maum. makes you live forever. And the past lacks meaning! It does not exist. Here Maum meditation taket advantage of a basic fundamental defect of the mind, the mind always needs meaning. If my life was built on historic bullshit, and before me lies a perfekt road, that makes perfect sence, then that's the road I wanna walk. Especially if you get love and food! What else do I really need! I cant think of anything, really! At least that's what I feel and believe I want! Maum also uses the peoples' minds' ability to compartmentalize! Which is a way for the mind to avoid pain! When, in the beginning, the helper tells the story, and you have to wait with questions, the third or forth time you here the story it's no point to react, you just have to nod so that the "helper knows you follow"! I said you really bore me, I know the story word by word allready. Here she used some really professional NLP techniques( or she is just a brilliant phenomenon on getting me away from being present. She kind of exploded, raised her voice and stamped her foot, made me loose track of my thought and I started focusing on her again, realizing this I pretendent going along. Nodding along. but bored to peices, I started giving up myself. Here I am to nice, or codependent, or I would have left the place!
Instead I became the perfect student! And she explained:
You die
You become a goast
You fly to the universe
You have a black hole in front of you
You recall everything, all the tapes/pictures chronologically in your life
You throw them in the hole

Here I started laughing, not to scorn, but of happiness! I recognized the steps. Metaforically when I died, I comforted and lovebombed myself! I was shitscared and covinced that I was dying! I continued comforting and loving my fear for hours and hours and all my history, memories, guilt and shame came up to a concious level and I cried and cried and forgave myself for everything! It took hours! Then my mind, the part that was lojal to my parents inability to meet my needs, went bananas! I heard it as if echoing in a large stonebuilding, doing it's best to put me down. But it left me and at the time I was pretty shure I'd gone utterly mad:) but I just couldn't stop laughing. I was comletely free! And for a week I was hardly touching the ground when walking. I just loved everyone I met. I new I shouldn't show it (the love I felt) all over the place but it was impossible to take peoples fear seriously.
Back to Maum. I tried to explain to her about my "death" and that I totally believe Maum is working. She would not not listen. She believes in Maum and nothing else, and I dont blame her! It probably saved her! But if you ask me it is a method that works! But it has a price! And i dont mean economically! You become more loving and free in relation to your past. But totally ignorant in meeting other people than Maumpeople with an open heart! Though open, but conditioned to Maum!
Peace Andreas

Yes. As long as we begin to see how false these addictions are, we can set our free from whatever we were obsessed with. Thank you for sharing your amazing experience! :)

Thank you for sharing your story. I wish to hear your further story with maum meditation.

You're very diligent and determined although you're that young! I truly admire you. I also defeated game addiction. It was not severe though. I used to play games to escape my reality but now I don't have to do it anymore. :D

Oh, you're so lucky to start your journey to find your true self at this young age! Good luck! I'm happy for you that you now have control over your behaviors/actions!

That's amazing! Congratulations on your big change. :-)

I do like Maum Meditation too :p I got out of "thought-addiction". I always swam in the pool of my thoughts. Now, they all disappeared. Maum would be the best for curing any addiction problems. Good luck for your journey with Maum!

I had a similar experience with maum meditation. Maum Meditation is certainly great way of controlling addiction. Thanks for sharing your experience with people.~~~~~~LOL

Hello, well I'm happy to hear that. I wish all the luck on the way.

Hello, thanks for your sharing experiences. I am so glad that you can actually pull yourself out of the addiction! This will take some more process but as long as we constantly subtract step-by-step, you will be so clear-headed and you will no longer be affected by the urge that would drive you mad before.