Hello....anyone here active in Maum meditation? If so would love to chat and share experiences. I just completed my first week and have some mix feelings but overall good. Can't wait to continue and feel enlightened as I cleanse my mind!

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It took me 2 years and three months to complete the Maum Meditation study. A friend was doing this meditation and she recommended that I start. I was very skeptical but still intrigued about the method and it's promises. I had seen my friend change tremendously so I decided to give it a try. Within 1 month I was able to stop taking my anxiety medication and never take it since. It's just throwing away all of the emotional baggage that has been accumulated over our lives. I have become healthier, I have gotten a promotion in my career(accountant), my relationships with my family and friends have improved greatly. All the method takes is some diligence and patients and you can get there. The helpers are very dedicated and will always try their best to guide you. They still helped me through even though I was very mean to them sometimes haha. The greatest part is that even though a lot of things are said you get to realize everything on your own. I also met Woo Myung, he is extremely cool and nice, he just prefers not to be a public figure.I tried many meditations and spiritual remedies where they talked about the same principals, but this one really helped me achieve it. My suggestion would be to try for a month and then see for yourself from there. Thanks and best of luck. PJ

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I plan to join such a group if they are still here and open. What was your first week like? ( if you don't mind)

I've been doing Maum meditation for about 2 years now and I am currently living at the main center in South Korea.
I've been here for about 6 months and been studying at the Main center and will stay here for about a year.
After growing up in a non religious family, I never thought I would be into meditation
But like I saw on one other post, the proof is in the pudding.
After doing the meditation for a month I noticed a significant difference in my personality, less stress, less mind constantly running all the time, it was kind of like my brain was a hamster on a wheel, always moving.
This is very convenient during the day but not very helpful at night or when you just want to relax, i had to seek outside influences to help me control my inner state, it was a wreck!
Anyways, now that I am doing Maum Meditation I am currently at level 4 and I can say that Maum has changed my life in the best way possible.
Now, no matter what I am doing. I am at peace, whether taking a job, having a disagreement with someone, or eating dinner.
I hope this post would even help one person continue or begin their meditation. Good luck and god bless :)


These questions/comments are directed to the people who are experiencing a positive overall effect on their lives. I am close to someone who is currently attending, and am mildly concerned about the following:

-the similar characteristics with Scientology in regards to

achieving levels, ie after achieving you feel euphoria/understanding, but that seems to dissipate, making you more fixated on getting to the next level to regain that feeling; in addition the increasing fines as you progress; I have also read something about level 5 you must learn a prayer praising the founder of Ma'um

-the fact that they "kill you" before every session; this particularly makes me nervous because I feel like once you continuously let someone do that it gives them power.

-my family member seems to spend all her free time nights/weekends, and it is becoming more and more of what she talks about when I do see her.

-I did go for a week, and it wasn't for me, but I'm glad its working for others

I apologize if any of these comments are offensive; I am just trying to learn more info. Responses are much appreciated

Thank you :)

I have been meditating for some years and have spent about 40 hours on level one.
I think that there are many positives but the center here is a bit pushy.

They also lack experience
Just be careful

I just attended a free intro seminar and I am really impressed. I have studied meditation for years and I have never heard of a method so simple. I am looking forward to doing this form of meditation as just reading dualistic texts and meditating on my own is not cutting through all the layers anymore. With as mind opening and expansive experiences I have had with meditation, I have not reached the end blow out that so many talk about. I know there are some final threads to be cut. I am looking forward to Maum Meditation.

Maum Meditation is a cult. The cultish elements appear after the "level 1", where pressure and rediculous talks about the founder, Woo-Myung begin to come in. It becomes dangerous because, the first level makes you feel really light and calm afterwwards. So it's easy to believe everything that they say.

To pass level four, you must accept that "Woo Myung and [his wife] are the owners of the universe". AKA they are god. At level five, they make you mentally destroy the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Jesus Christ, etc. and then claim that while they can be discarded, Woo Myung and his wife live on forever. At level six, the practicioners mentally burn, cut up and grind their families into the pieces and then become assured that it is okay, because the meditation technique is the way to truth. After these levels, money becomes heavily involved for the sake of the organization.

In addition, many of the "helpers" have serious problems with anger, pressure, etc. I've seen so many of them who are immature and childish. They've had serious peoblems in their lives, discovered maum meditation, then decided to become helpers. These people are not intelligent at all. Their logic is flawed since they are only based on Woo Myung himself (who is not even a monk).

Just because Maum Meditation makes you feel happier does not mean it is good long-term. The earlier levels do help with mental stability, but they eventually become replaced with cultish elements which brainwash people. This is not a coincidence; i am certain that this was intentional, since it can create brainwashing more effectively.

Do not join. If you have joined, leave. There are many other meditation techniques which may be slower and require more patience. But on the long term, they will leave a higher state of mind. Especially on higher levels, they will pressure you and call you repeateadly if you do not come. You do not need the knowledge of the Maum Meditation techniques for happiness.

(I know that these are hard to believe, since I'm sure many of you have great experiences with the organization. But trust this)

"To pass level four, you must accept that "Woo Myung and [his wife] are the owners of the universe". AKA they are god. At level five, they make you mentally destroy the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Jesus Christ, etc. and then claim that while they can be discarded, Woo Myung and his wife live on forever. At level six, the practicioners mentally burn, cut up and grind their families into the pieces and then become assured that it is okay, because the meditation technique is the way to truth. After these levels, money becomes heavily involved for the sake of the organization."

Although I'm still level 1 and will not be able to continue because of $150/mo rate + wifey having a baby.... I can say this post is totally biased and completely false/ignorant.

First, although I hear the words "founder Woo-Myung" there is a little too much, what church do you go to that isn't the same story? I grew up Catholic and when you go to that institution you will hear Jesus, Peter, Mary beaten into your head over and over again. This fixation on one particular individual seems to be a real problem with humanity, instead of keeping the focus on the meaning of the message!

Second, I think the method of dying in the mind isn't bad at all. The alternative is to take yourself and materialism so seriously that you avoid ever thinking about the fact that life in this state is NOT eternal. We see humans die all the time. No different than any other animal. A dead squirrel on the road. No different!

Maum meditation does not mince words in this way. When your physical body dies--it is dead! What you take with you is your experience in the form of a spirit, ghost, holy ghost, whatever. The point is that in that moment, you are still aware and conscious! It's on a different level of reality, but it is consciousness and that is the real situation that one way or another, all of us must face.

That is why you practice dying in the mind. That is why they teach to throw away everything about you. There is no point in holding onto anything about you, because like it or not, none of it will probably matter in 100 years. What better method is there to reject the ego, which was the word of Jesus as well. Jesus didn't spend his days shopping at Walmart and arguing over healthcare reform. He lived his life in a Godly way, trying his best not to attach too much to the temptations of the physical.

The helper I have worked with not only helps me to throw away my thoughts, but himself as well. He wants me to forget that I was even at the center meditating... that is the point of throwing it ALL away. All means all unless you want to find a new definition of the word ALL?

If you want to be spoon fed a nice G-rated sugar coated candy religion/spiritual practice, then yes Maum might be a bit hardcore. These people meditate all day long, they are essentially monks. And with that said, I will urge caution with Maum, as it is pretty hardcore. An hour/day is bare skin-bones minimum with these folks. I go for an hour and 1/2 per day cause I want my money's worth! But I take weekends off and watch football and go to the mall like every other American.

Just be warned that if you stick with it, they will probably try and convert you to a helper--not surprising since they are expanding fast and need all the help they can get. If you are a casual meditator or a materialist with a busy life, I suggest finding a free meetup group instead. Groups like that usually meet once a week and don't feel as "cult" like haha.

Best of luck in whatever you choose to do with your life. God Bless,
Joe in Seattle

Dear jzahn, i'm afraid that the above post is indeed accurate. You have only done level one so far, so yes, there isn't going to be much talking about the founder. In fact, any cultist elements may not be present at all. It is from level three in particular that the cultish lectures about Woo Myung truly begin to come.You've also said that your helper was very good to you. Yes, there are people in maum meditation that are wonderful people. Yet there are those who become helpers because they cannot do anything else; these people are not educated and should not be spiritual guides in any matter whatsoever. Maum Meditation's process to becoming a helper is much too relaxed.

The act of mentally killing, whether it be in good intention or not, is negative. Let's face it, a lot of the methods become extremely graphic and shocking. It is possible to discard past memories without the involvement of black holes, paper grinders etc. Maum uses these to make the process faster (as it activates the neurons faster due to the shock), but in the long-term it does not make the individual gain much wisdom. Instead, they'll just try to kill their body or their pictures or whatever, which requires tons of mental energy. It does not create stability.

Now it's true that the main message is the most important, but when you consider the fact that Maum says that their method is the only way to truth and that Woo Myung is the universe (literally), one cannot think that it is the best message to spread. The level of spirituality is not compared to other eastern religions.

Well perhaps that is its shortcomings. The training may not be sufficient for every "helper" to make everyone who walks through the door feel comfortable.
Other then that, the shock factor is fine with me. I disagree with your other concerns. I'm sorry if you don't like throwing away your human mind. Burning is not my thing but blackholes work great in my opinion.
I personally can only listen to so many pearls of wisdom before I can't help but want to get on with it. Fast processes that involve black holes works great. We live in a fast paced, stressful, negative and ultra ego centric culture. Extreme situations may require extreme methods.
I'm sorry if you exp was negative. With such little supervision, it's possible that you could get a bad dose. Try a different center perhaps?
Be well I hope u find what ur looking for ~JZ

So sad to hear you can not continue but so grateful that you are still speaking your mind... bluntly speaking I don't mean to be offensive or anything but reading some of these god awful posts leaves me thinking there is no way these people experience MM at all or they wouldn't be speaking with such ignorance. It is this kind of ignorance that cheats people out of a life changing experience. Plus anyone that's done the meditation would know that the founder is mention throughout the 7 levels. HE IS THE FOUNDER.... The only advice I can give people who are curious is read the posts of people experiences. If you pay close attention to the posts that bashes Maum; they are not really from their own experience but quick judgements made from the information they read or heard somewhere. Good luck everyone. .. Good luck Joe! I hope you can rejoin one day.
P.S. You made me speak up

Btw... what does a monk have to do with it???? Ridiculousness!!!! anonymous111444777 & 029284029l you guys have no idea what you are talking about....

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How long does it take to pass level two? I passed level one a few weeks ago and one helper told me level two was 96 hours and yesterday another helper told me level two is 96 hours times two. Does anyone know for sure? So far Maum meditation is working pretty good for me, after reading different comments I will definitely keep an eye open... Thanks!

It is not a race. It is different for everyone. Maybe they were telling you roughly their opinion based on experience. So put it this way. 96x2= 192 hrs. So it takes between 96-192 hours for the average person according to a sampling of two helpers. :)

After many many years of soul searching(in vain), one day I happened to run into the Maum meditation teacher who was handing out the brochure. Instantly I felt connected and decided to try out. It was something I had been looking for and I found all the answers to my questions that I had in my life as I moved up to higher levels. The learning and enlightenment I experience not to mention managing stress and anxiety is out of this world (literally). I should say that it takes quite a bit of discipline. But it is part of learning and once you keep your mind open and learn to overcome the challenge, you will feel the changes being made in yourself. It only gets better and better. The method of the meditation is so innovative. It changed me. I was a very selfish, arrogant and negative but Maum meditation taught me to feel grateful for everything around me and stay humble. I am more understanding of others and more giving and helpful to others. I love the atmosphere at the centers. Not to mention all you can eat delicious Korean food, the way everyone interact with one another just going with the flow makes me wonder why would anyone not want to do Maum meditation... It is the feeling of pure peace and harmony.

Hello, I am interested in maum meditation, but Im a little bit concerned about the opinions of some people saying that at ther 4 level you must adorate Woo Myung... can you tell me something about it? have you reached any level at maum meditation?

MAUM Meditation forced the high-level students to buy books written by the leader of Maum, Woo Myung so that Maum can be on the top of Amazon list.

Many happy families were separated by Maum Meditation. Even some Maum helpers pulled the children from the mother. It is terrible action of Maum Meditation, separating children from their mothers.

Before graduation, Maum students are asked to give all their money to Woo Myung. MAUM is a big SCAM, taking money from happy family to destroy families.

It's funny, when I went to the introductory lecture at my Maum meditation center yesteray I mentioned that I ordered one of Woo Myung's books to the helper there and he acted as though my buying/reading it was not necessary. And he was very non-pressuring about joining. I think there are a lot of fake posts on here, like the one above. On the Maum's literature, the also specifically say they the don't ask anyone to give up any of their material possessions or ask people to stop contact with family members for any reason. There is a monthly fee of $150 for unlimited meditation sessions and most of the centers are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. That's an awesome deal if you ask me. The above post is BS.

Here's an answer for you kind of cult takes people's hard earned money and turns their wife into a mindless zombie. I'll help you with the answer Maum Meditation

All I really care about is how much it costs. I'm on a budget and no matter how appealing it sounds if i can't afford it i can't afford it. None of this 'go talk to an instructor.' All I want to know is how much it costs.

The price I was quoted when I visited a center in San Jose, CA was $120-$130 bucks per month. She kept saying you would get a discount if you signed up right now or viewed some video and then signed up. I felt a bit uncomfortable because she was a bit pushy and just before I left was asking for my phone number but I said no I don't want to leave you my phone number.... I can just imagine that I would probably be barraged with phone calls to join. Seems they rip off a lot of concepts from Buddhism.

I have been practicing MM for over 2 years, I'm on level 4 currently. I have had doubts, ups and downs the whole time I been there,I walked off, quit going and had million of questions about the method or the founder, which I had the pleasure of meeting and listening to his lectures ( in korean, english spkrs had to use ear translators).The way the method works is you go step by step one level at a time and you will see the changes it creates physically and mentally, it's a totally different meditation,you can quit at any time you want. I was very lucky to end up with a helper who is very patient and kind no matter what question or comment I happen to have about the meditation or the organization. Give it a honest try, one month,the proof is In the pudding. This is not a religion or a cult, go one level at a time and you will feel the change it creates in you, I'm a much more peaceful, clear thinking, happier individual than I was 2 years ago. It's not easy bringing all those memories back good or bad and "throwing " them away, but is does something to you that I can't explain, it's something you have to find out for yourself.

You know if something is working if you see a positive change in yourself. So do you feel calmer, happier, freer? Do others feel more at ease around you? These are all things that meditation has done for me. And I like that Maum offers a simple method for releasing the mindplay. So far, it sounds great and I have yet to hear anything that reliably sounds negative. If they have built over 330 meditation centers across the world, I seriously doubt they are screwing people around. It doesn't work like that when it comes to meditation. They are obviously doing a great service. I have seen scant bad reviews. And those sound like they come from people who are pissed because they want enlightenment to be easy. It isn't. You have let go of the Self. It is the hardest thing any human can do.

Today was my first session can you tell me more please

I am here to help--so I am sorry if I upset some of you as that is not my intention. If you aren't ready to accept the love of Christ into your life please just ignore my post. This post is really only for those who want help. Thank you


Why do you feel threatened by Jesus? Jesus is the son of God!!!!!!!!!

If a person isn't happy with Maum I would like to offer an alternative. If they are happy and am happy for that person. However, I like to help people and if I can help even one person that is one more person that feels good.

Why are you so upset that I wish to share my opinion that I feel Maum is evil and a nonexistant god is created by either the leaders or of the person meditating? Again please read "The Beautiful Side of Evil"

God is a concept, just like anything else. Go beyond the mind to find the light of truth. It never existed in words. By clinging to your idea of God, you remain bound.

I noticed my response yesturday was deleted. But I will keep responding because there is only one way to heaven and that is thru Jesus and repenting our sins to God.

If you feel upset and not satisfied by Maum it is simple--Get a Bible and start reading it and pray to God--but very imprtantly pray thru Jesus Christ his only son who died on the cross and rose again for all of our sins to be forgiven. The peace you will feel is undescribable. If you can find a good Christian church it would be good for support. But again be careful not all churches teach from the Bible and about Jesus.

If you wish to talk further leave your number.

This forum is about Maum experience and not of your so-called Christian way of life thru Jesus. Jesus is a great teacher and master but this is not the place to spread your religious propaganda. Perhaps you can go to your christian experience forum and send your message over there. Thank you.

Ok. I find it quite odd after some very interesting insightful forum posts about Maum a few days ago that all of a sudden a batch of posts are coming in from what sounds like instructed people to hijack this forum and possibly cover up those previous honest posts from real awakened souls who have submitted their true life experiences within Maum.

This is yet another confirmation of what type of organization this truly is. I use to think Maum was the greatest thing since slice bread but now that what appears to be an orchestrated cover up of some hurtful truths has really uncovered the dynamics of this organization and their tactics.

Again...very odd how a batch of similar posts are coming in one right after each other all deliverying the same message. It's truly a shame this forum is being hijacked by the Maum zombies. And if it continues I will flag and possibly remove those that appear to be an insincere posting.

Did you ever think it's because people are speaking up??? I been practicing for year and love it and was never tempted to say anything until now. How can anyone bash something they no nothing about???

That is great you finished your first week in MM. I think I finished my 6th month now. So far it's all good, I definitely got a lot of positive change within me through this program and that's why I'm still doing it of course, but let me keep objective viewpoint here.
It hasn't been ALWAYS good. I went through a lot of difficulties if I could say. Headaches, feeling nauseous and sometimes even allergy. They say it happens when a lot of minds come up and it's actually a positive reaction. Indeed, those uncomfortable symptoms all disappeared as if nothing had happened. Weird. hah.
There were always some people who have been practicing a way longer than I did, who's practicing upper level than me but made me doubt about it. I understand that I shouldn't judge others but you always have this kind of expectation for the people who reached higher spiritual level. After all the things that happened to me until now, I did realize that I really shouldn't look at other people. It is all about this method Maum meditation has, and I just need to look at my own self. Because the result is so clear I can't deny it. Just as much as I throw away. Nothing more nothing less.
I was very judgmental to everything around me but now I tend to look at my own self. The way of thinking and my view point became relatively positive if I had to remind myself before I do Maum. This is my story and I would love to share it with other people. Thank you for giving us this chance to talk and share. Have a good one and good luck on your way.

I have been practicing Maum Meditation since 2010 and it was very helpful to my life.

I've been doing Maum Meditation for about 9 months and I'm about halfway through level 4 now. I've never looked back, never regretted doing even for a moment. If I have any regrets at all, it's that I didn't start sooner. That I kept putting it off for three months before I finally "found the time" to go.

From day one, it made SO much sense. Having grown up Christian, practically every Sunday morning, my mom would yank me out of bed and make me go to Church. And there, the minister always would always talk about "dying to the self." And I would always think, "What the heck is that supposed to mean?!!" How?? And then, there's of course all those phrases like, "you are your own worst enemy, how could you live with your self, you should be ashamed of your self," etc.

And so, in doing this Maum Meditation, where all I do is subtract all the junk I've accumulated (and believe me, it's ALL junk - even the good, even the bad), I've come to realize that all these pictures I've accumulated throughout my life came to define who I'd become. And as I accumulated more and more, who I'd become kept changing, and then I realized that I didn't even know who I was anymore, but I couldn't do anything about it. Come to think of it, before doing Maum Meditation, I don't think I ever really even knew who I was. And I ALWAYS felt stuck. No matter who I was dating, no matter what job I had, just STUCK in a rut.

So what a breath of fresh air to be able to discard everything finally. That someone really knows what they're talking about and not just serving me up a platter of lip service. That someone took the time to make such a simple method to accomplish this! What a priceless gift! Now, I can really die to that self. To get rid of my own worst enemy. Not have to live with my self. No longer be ashamed of my self because that self is finally gone. Heck yeah, I'm grateful!! I sleep better at night. I'm less judgmental, I complain less, I'm less irritable. WAY less chatter in my head. And this is no joke, I've been able to finally throw away my OCD (don't ask me to list them, there's too many). If someone asked me to take it all back, to go back to how I used to be? Are you kidding me?!! Not even for all of Warren Buffet's money and Madonna's fame would I want that junk back. I can't wait to finish this study. To go to the end and finally live as I was meant to live. Thank God!

This meditation is priceless. When I think about all the money I wasted on useless self-help books and clubbing and drinking and procrastinating so I would always end up paying late fees on my credit card bills that I racked up from buying so many useless self-help books and clubbing and drinking, spas and a new wardrobe everytime I felt poopy (don't want to use curse words here) the cost of doing this meditation is dirt cheap. And what you get in return is PRICELESS.

Yes, you have ups and downs along the way, but that's what makes this meditation all the more rewarding. That each time you overcome yourself, you are THAT much MORE grateful.

I am also one of practitioners of Maum Meditation since 2010. The most fundamental reason I continue is this one really works! Maum has outstandingly different meditation method called . "Subtraction".

First I felt so privileged to realize that I am living in my own false reality instead of real world, the real universe because from time to time while I just kept on going and going in my life, I just couldn't shake off the idea "then so what?" I just couldn't give my self the reason and purpose of this life. So when I was told that world is false, I was immensely relieved!

And in terms of Subtraction, it worked in everyday in every way. There were helpers who were so dedicated to help people like me so that we can release ourselves from the stress, anxiety, worries, fear and so many others to name! All I had to do was showing up, sitting down and following the guidance and one day, coming to know there is the Universe mind within me was whole new realization on a complete different dimension! Freedom and liberation are now part of my life. I rarely get angry and even if I do, nothing to worry about because I got subtraction method to set me free from them. I am always energetic and happy. these were all possible thanks to Maum. I truly recommend this meditation method to everyone! ;)

Maum is awesome! I've beeen doing this meditation for 2 years and its been amazing! It has helped me let go of so much of heavy burden that I carried around with me at all the time. Before maum I felt like a slave to my emotions and didn't know how to let it go. Now since I have been doing this meditation I feel liberated and know that all those dark feelings of sadness that I carried around with me all these years weren't real because they never existed in my present moment. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to do maum meditation.

This Meditation helps me to be present. I can control myself at ease. this technique is very useful I think.

I have great experiences doing Maum Meditation. Everyone has different experiences however, I am happy to share my experiences about Maum Meditation. First 1-2weeks, I felt nothing different, It seemed same things over and over, I just felt bored and tired. BUT helper said it was also progressing during meditation. So I just kept following method...And then suddenly lots of pictures from my mind came out,, They were reaaaaaaaally a lot, You never imagine that you have such like these amount of pictures in your mind from entire life. It seemed never ending to come out! But one time pictures came out and I felt really calm and lighter. It was amazing!!!! After that happened, I felt myself changed more positively.I am chemical engineer so I don't believe anything what I can't prove actually.But right now, I live more peacful and happy rather than suffering inside my mind. I will keep doing this! Thank you~

I wanna share my experience of maum meditation now.
This meditation allowed me to see things more clearly. The guidance of the helpers made a difference each day. By the time I finished the first level, I felt like weights of burden have been lifted. This is what makes this meditation different since there is a method to follow and helpers to guide you. The helpers would be there to answer any questions or assist you if you are struggling. You are not left alone in the battle because This Meditation can be used anytime, anywhere.
By using this method I was able to handle situations or look at them with more clarity. I had developed a self-awareness to eliminate my thought to live in the present. I worried less and trusted that it will be ok. When the tasks became harder at work and in school I would get the job done, if not better. The less quantity of pictures I had in my mind the better quality in life I would see. This is only the beginning of my journey for I am in level four now. As much as I can explain my own experience it is something you need to experience for yourself in order to understand, for it is within all of us. By taking this opportunity I know now I am on the right path in search for my answers. I have found serenity in my life thanks to Maum Meditation.

I met maum meditation a year and half ago. I'm living in New York. New York City is always busy, have no fun.. My life has been boring and had no life..
I found the brochure in one of Chinese restaurant (I love Chinese food..!!) and called to local center in Manhattan which is near by Empire state building.
When my day off, I visited the center and I really liked the main concept! Actually, I haven't experienced any meditation yet in my life, but this program seemed simple!
I gave myself a try for a month, and since I started maum meditation, I could find what was my problem of life, and best thing about maum meditation is the face that I am able to subtract those false minds.
I couldn't imagine how could we get rid of our stress, sadness, loneliness that always have been with me. But I could see my change within a week! I could feel that my mind is being emptied as I practice more, and the method was pretty easy. Now, I'm in high level of this meditation center(cause I have been practicing this pretty long!),
my daily life is full of excitement because I subtracted all my negative mind, sadness, anger, obsession! I'm now living with full of energy, and happiness!
Taking a class in maum meditation center has been my part of life.
Still I'm planning to go to the center after my work today. I can't wait!!
I am a huge fan of maum meditation!! I love it!

Hi, I have been doing Maum Meditaion for 2 months. To be honest, it is sometime a little hard for me. But I am really thinking that I need it. So I am trying to go to maum meditation center everyday even I am pretty busy. I feel some difference after I started this meditation.

Hi, I have been practicing Maum Meditation for 5 months now, this is amazing!
I had a lot of struggles in my life, and had no answer of my life. As you know, people seem okay, but their insides are not really okay. That was me.. One day, I found the brochure, and
call to my local center, and they treated me very nicely. I visit my local center, and signed up.
They have set up schedules like 9:30am to 11pm. There were 2 instructors and they all worked very hard. They really welcomed me, and gave me a guided meditation with other people. and It was very impressive. The simple concept was just letting everything go all things in my head, and it really worked for me. I couldn't help going to center everyday after work, It became my part of schedule just like people go to fitness center for excercise. Maum Meditation is just like that for me, I just couldn't skip even one day.
As I attend more class, I could let my stress mind which makes me anxious, angry, sad, unhappy.. go totally! Now, I have been practicing this program, and last week I took my girl friend to the center, and finally she signed up! Awesome!! and the reason why she signed up she could see my huge change. She said that I'm always laughing, tolerating, lovely..
But I wasn't.. before maum meditation.
I really appreciate to maum meditation, this is amazing program, and saved my life!
Please give your self a try, you will never regret! It's life-changing meditation.