Like A Drug

For a long time, I lived with a very unhealthy lifestyle. I spent years being a very lazy person. I never exercised and I used to drink, smoke and use drugs. I reached a point though were it was getting out of control and I knew it had to stop. I didnt want to be a lazy unhealthy bum anymore and at first I took up running as a way to better myself. After a while I met my fiance and I decided to give up all the drugs and smoking properly.
I have always been a fan of martial arts, my dad was very good at Judo and my brother practiced American kickboxing. I eventually joined a local club with a friend and instantly fell in love with it. After months of training in American freestyle kickboxing I found out my brother had joined a club that practiced Muay Thai, a style that I had always loved the look of and been fascinated with. I had been largely influenced by my cousin who is a Muay Thai champion, and by the Boran style depicted in the brilliant Tony Jaa's movies like Ong Bak. I decided to join the same club and I have been in love with Muay Thai ever since.
The training was much harder and more challenging and the sparring was harder too, with more contact which I love because it teaches you to react better when someone is really trying to punch and kick you instead of just light contact. I eventually left the club when I couldnt afford to train there anymore which I was pretty gutted about, but I have continued to train to this day. I still train with my brother, whos love for the art is as strong as mine.
I just love everything about Muay Thai, I love how you can use your elbows and knees for strikes as well as kicks and punches, I love the clinches and the fact you can kick to the legs, its so less restrictive than regular kickboxing. I love the training, it's so addictive, like a constant quest to perfect your moves and improve your strength and stamina. I especially love doing drills on the Thai pads, practicing new combos that me and my brother think up each week, they are great for knee strikes, which I really enjoy doing! Sparring is awesome too, I love how it becomes a battle of wits and how Thai can really be a thinking mans martial art, using lots of feignts and trying to out psyche each other. Its really fun sometimes to try getting in a cheeky special move as well, just to see if you can make something fancy like a carousel kick to work and connect!
Muay Thai is definitely now my drug of choice and I hope I will never stop practicing it and constantly strive to better myself through it.
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Great Art can be dangerous for some but awesome! Not many places anymore teach this or Kenpo. From my previous kick boxing experience it is or can be a drug. Some say I am to old and should not go back its been a year or so now but I cant help it the power and rush I feel is more than anything else I have experienced.

Cool, which martial arts did you study? I find that half the battle in Thai is being able to take the punishment rather than dishing it out (especially being kicked in the legs!)