Making Progress

Awesome chi gong today. The rain was pouring down, tree branches shaking violently in the wind, lightning and thunder.  We’re in a small gym with lots of  windows and the 3 bay doors are open so it seems like we’re practicing in the weather. You can feel the gusts blowing through the gym. Though it looks like a Weather Channel special outside, inside all is calm – the chi is pretty good today. That’s remarkable considering an army of gradeschoolers had been day-camping in there all week, and you could feel their snotty pottyness the minute you stepped into the gym.  This guy really knows how to control the group’s energy. I’m lucky I found this class. My underarmor boxer jock is doing its job – I got it because I have been having impure thoughts lately and this zaftig girl in tights with hair like my dearly departed keeps bending over in front of me. And you know the master doesn’t help when he’s guiding our stance and he’s saying “left side erect, right side erect, front erect, back erect, whole body erect”.
So once again my mind is not quite in the right place, but I get the breathing and the movement right, and I am rewarded for showing up and putting in the effort.
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2 Responses Jul 18, 2010

great story! .. read this one as well ))<br />

I've always loved doing qigong after rain, when air is fresh and everything smells good. Qi is very strong after strom or rain.<br />