The Energies Of Now

We worry today, about many things. We worry about the economy and will we be able to make a living, so that we can feed our children.  We worry that our government may collapse, throwing our society into anarchy.  We worry about the food we eat.  Is it poisoning us?   We worry about the next world war.....and on and on.

Some of these things may come to least at some level.  We very well may go through more economic struggles.  Many of us are, still, right now.  Our government is already in the throws of chaos and confusion.  It has been that way for awhile now.  We already know that some of the food we eat is not healthy for us...we have known this for a while as well.  Will there be another world war?  I hope not.  But we have seen two...we made it through both of them.  

So, whats my point?  Change...simply change,  and the inevitability of it.  

When I think about change...I see that I can look at it from two very different points of view.  I look at it from my ego's point of view.  My ego says, "OMG!  This is bad!  This it!  This is the end!!!  We are screwed!  Grab your survival crap and get your fanny to the bunker!!!"  :)  Or...

I can listen to what my ego has to say and than I can weight it with the other parts of my "thinking" consciousness and reflect on "all" the information that is at hand.  My intellect will go through history and remind me that the world was suppose to come to an end several times....actually more than several.  The intellectual part of my consciousness will look at recent history and see the trends.  Some good,  some not so good.  But it will remind me to look at it all.  My ego will be there the whole time...casting a vote, but not over running the election.

Than there is my heart.  My heart is were my highest frequency resides.  My heart looks out and reminds me that it is not just "me".  My heart reminds me that "we" are all in this together.  And not just the, "oh thats so sweet that your thinking of others", kind of together.  The king of "together" that is permanent, never ending, the kind of together that where "One" does, we all do.  Where one hurts, we all hurt.  Where one is in pleasure, we all are in pleasure. The kind of together...where there is no outside of "all".  The frequency of "my" heart, is the frequency of "your" heart.  I can not be any other way.  A "C" note on a piano, is the same as a "C" note on a a "C" note on a trumpet...

What does this mean?  It means that no matter what happens...."we" are "all" in this "together".  As individual mind/body complexes,  conscious beings of multiple frequency operations...children of God, or no god.  Where ever you feel yourself on your journey.   We will go into the future both acting as separate suffers or as a collective solving our problems and healing each other.  You will make a difference..wether you are aware of it or not.  So, please become aware of your power.  Become aware of your options in this place.  Service to self or service to others.

Now is the time...the time to unite...the time to turn your wonderful mind toward love, compassion, health and solutions.  Now is the time to believe that you are here for a positive is the time to realize that your involvement will make a difference.  If you have something to would be the time.

Start small...start local....start, and stay with something positive.  Ask your higher self for some will come.  Even a single thought of good will, will help.  But take action when you can.  Remember that you are an energy worker....a light have a mission.  

Even though "bad" things my come to pass...and they will, that is this plane...there is no way to learn here without can make them easier to deal with, to learn from.  You can reduce the suffering.  You can shorten the time it takes to heal from the suffering.  Acknowledge that if there is darkness...there has to be light!  That light is you.....try and shine it were it is needed the most.

If you don't shine your will be used by the darkness.  Your choice. soul, knows your soul.

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5 Responses Dec 19, 2012

You are very all journeys are blessed.

Extraordinarily well said! Thank you for sharing.

Yes, yes, yes! I myself have similar thoughts on the dilemma which you spoke of. 'We' can overcome it, and if not, let it be, our time may come but by doing good we can impact 'our' future dramatically by the act of coming together and being good people, striving to do our best... i'll leave it at that. Thanks again, this was uplifting.

I'm glad you you felt uplifted by my story. Thank you for your thoughts! Howard

Your story reminds me of an event in my early life. I'm not a church goer, but there was a time when I tried some on for size, and one of the ministers struck a chord in me by saying, "People come to me all the time claiming that they trust in God. That being so, why do they ever worry about anything? (paraphrase)

Thanks for the post.

You are very welcome! Thank you for your always welcomed reply! I wouldn't say that I worry, as much as I would say, I participate. Namaste to you nelladell :)

I trust you to realize that I didn't mean that to be personal.

I do now... :) But I always trust the sincerity of your responses. So, if in the future, if you ever do have an insight to you would like to share with me..I would love to hear it. Thanks! :)

Wonderful message, thank you for sharing! (:

You are very welcome! Thank you for your kind words!