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Tai Chi is an ancient form of meditative exercise which organized in China, and is easily recognized by its slow,captivating movements.Originally Tai Chi was developed as a martial art,but it is now practiced by millions of ppl around the world to improve and maintain good health.

Tai Chi represents a way of life, helping people to meet day to day challenges with energy, whilst remaining calm and relaxed inside.

The history of Tai Chi

The origins of tai Chi have begun in chen village in the henan Province of China. This area also includes the Shaolin Temple, famous for it's Kung Fu . Tai Chi fallows the principles of Yin and Yang, the two opposing forces of life , such as night and day, positive and negative , open and closed .These principles are incorporated into Tai Chi as hard, fast power with soft flowing strength to produce a supreme fighting art.

In more recent times, several Tai Chi styles have been developed, the most popular is the Yang style, named after the Yang family.

The Simplified Tai Chi form

The Tai Chi form taught in this set is a simplified routine, which still contains the traditional characteristics and postures . Unlike most traditional forms, however requires only a small amount of space and can be easily practiced in your own home .

benefits improve health ..reduce stress levels .. increase your energy .. improve concentration .. have better sleep ..strengthen bones, muscles, and joints .. increase flexibility ..improve digestion due to internal massage ..improve heart and lung function ..prevent age related ill a moving meditation to quieten and focus the mind ..use in self-defense..

The Chinese believe we all have an internal energy called Chi, which exists within our body. It is stored in the lower abdomen in an area known as the *Tan Tien* and runs through channels called meridians. Chi gives us our vitality and allows us to grow and develop. When we are first born we have an abundance of Chi, but by the time we reach old age it is declining. With regular practice of Tai Chi , we are able to replenish some of this energy.

Interruptions to the flow of Chi can cause ill health . One of the many benefits of Tai Chi is that it enhances the flow of Chi throughout the body and discourages blockages.

Correct posture during Tai Chi is essential for the flow of Chi and to avoid unnecessary strain .. I really like the name of the movements..there are many Bow stance...The empty nest...Parting the clouds..pushing Chi...Part the wild horse's mane...Ward off..Grasp the bird's tail..Single whip..Strum the lute...White Crane spreads wings...Brush knee..holding up the heavens as a pillar..clouds hands..embrace tiger return to mountain..step forward seven stars ..diamond push..sweep lotus with leg etc..

My wish is to go to China and visit Chen Village in the Henan Province of China to visit the birthplace of this ancient form of exercise..and do a Tia Chi there.. I also study Taoism *The way*

Tai Chi Chuan

thirteen postures

the marvel lies in the two chi divided into yin and yang

it transforms the myraid and returns to the one.

Tai chi chuan

the liang I two primordial powers and the sze hsiang four manifestations are chaos and boundless.

to ride the winds

how about suspending the head top?

i have some words to reveal now to those who can know.

if the yung chuan bubbling well has no root

and the waist has no commander

and studying hard till death will be of no help.

the form and function are mutually connected and nothing more.

the hao jan chih chi great chi can be conducted  to the hand

ward-off , rollback, press, push , pull , split , elbow , shoulder ,

step forward , step back , look left , look right , central equilibrium.

not neutralizing it naturally neutralizes , not yielding it naturally yields

when the foot wants to advance first shift backwards.

the body is like a floating cloud.

in push hands the hands are not needed.

the whole body is a hand and the hand is not a hand.

but the mind must stay in the place it should be.



One person may not be able to hold onto a chicken, while another can lift a large cauldron.PPL are the same,but why are their strengths different? strength is based on chi. Some ppl are strong because their chi is strong..Their chi is strong because it has accumulated. The accumulation of chi is like that of water.If water is shallow, its floating power is weak..

You must accumulate in the tan tien . The tan tien is the chi hai (sea of chi) and is located 1.3 inch below the navel. It is named sea because of it's large capacity and deep floating power. If the chi can travel to the sea and accumulate every day ,then in three yrs there will be significant enhancement.

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I would love to visit Wudang Mnt. and get learn their form of Tai Chi.

I take a yoga, tai chi, pilates class. I sleep like a baby after the class.

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