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Tantra is a goal of mine. I've been doing lots of research. Just started reading "Soul Sex: Tantra for Two" by Copeland and Link. Very good information so far. If anyone knows of another book of quality please let me know.
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im tantric master :)

Osho has alot of great words on Tantra just look him up

I really appreciate hearing of these references! It would be hard for me to know about them were it not for your help! Thanks!

Thank You Kitty, I appreciate the suggestion. I do not practice Tantra yet as I still have to learn but very eager to get started. I will look for the book you suggest and some of the other suggestions in these comments.

Urban Tantra by Barbara Carellis is a good start.

I have just read Tantra, Discovering the Power of Pre-Orgasmic Sex; Yogani. That book has opened my mind to many questions and renewed effort to be spiritual and to feel it.

thank you for that info! i will look for it.

The Vigyan Bhairav Tantra as translated and explained by Osho otherwise known as the book of secrets is one of the most complete guides to tantra that I have seen. It is around 1200 pages of goodness. Give it a try and im sure you wont be disappointed. Namaste