Yoni Pooja

It was a a beautiful ride by a country bus. I was returning from my friend's wedding in South India near Trichy. I had the best time of life chatting with a co- passenger and we became buddies only to part instantly after we arrived at a small village. But an older man was behind me and he said to me that he heard from our conversation that I was interested in Tantra. I said yes, but though I had been practicing yoga and knew much mantric rituals, I did not know much about Tantra. He asked if I knew much about Kaula tantra. I said I had heard that it was the left handed Tantra and had the import of Tantra practiced with enhanced sexuality to reach the higher plane of spiritual existence. He nodded but he added that in that the Yoni pooja (worship of the sacred female portal) was the key to achievement in Tantra. He then told me that he is a tantrik and was going to the next village to worship a Goddess and if I would like to participate. I agreed. The ritual was a singularly uplifting experience. When we arrived we met this very earthy woman with a dark body, dark long hair and intense eyes. She wore a large bindi (red dot) on her forehead and had bathed with termeric water so that her skin was saffron colored. The tantrik and she talked and she took her clothes off and sat cross legged. She had a smooth body with firm breasts and black large nipples. She was unshaven. From his bag, the tantrik placed fruits, flowers and coconut on a plate and brought out vessels which contained water, sesame oil, milk, yoghurt, honey, and termeric water. Finally he placed a wad of sandalwood paste and red *** *** powder on the plate. On the final plate, he placed some meat and a vessel of wine. First he applied the sandalwood paste on her and asked her to apply the *** *** by herself. Then he proceeded to apply oil on her Yoni and then sequentially washed her (abhishekam) with milk, honey, yoghurt and finally with termeric water.Then he chanted mantras while offering flower petals to the Yoni. Finally he touched the various parts of the Yoni identifying each form of the goddess in the Yoni and praying to her. He then fed the Goddess fruit, meat and wine. he then prayed to her and in a miraculous sight, she breastfed him as the mother goddess. At the end of the ceremony, the tantrik took leave of her by prostrating before her and she blessed him. She had a new glow about her, a much calmer woman with grace flowing out of her.

Later the tantrik taught me the mantras and I have once performed the ceremony on a deserving woman who had an illness that got better after the ceremony.
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Jun 7, 2011