Part of My Vocabulary!

Yes, you may be thinking that the two words are "Thank you". And I do make sure to say those two, when the occasion calls for it. ;-)

But no... my most two words that I use is, "I'm sorry!" Yeah... I tend to apologize a lot... even for things that wasn't my fault. But these are the two words that I say the most, during any day. =p

I am learning now to not blame myself for everything that goes wrong. A lot of times, it's not my fault! But, I have to stop and process a situation and realize the truth of it all. As for things that I have done wrong, I have to learn how to apologize and move on... not fall into a creepy-fit of saying sorry over and over ... and following around the person, apologizing... and I use to cry and scream it too. :-/

Yeah... nothing says, "I'm sorry!", like it being screamed from an over-emotional girl! XD

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Feb 11, 2009