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I've been having dreams. Like, weird sexual dreams. When i have the dreams, I'm talking to a mermaid with the head of a goat and the head of a sheep. Sometimes I can't tell the difference, but thats not the important part. I hear these strange, echoing voices in the background that seem to be whispering, but I can never discipher what they say. I've been reading a lot on the forums, and I saw an article about a abulabi trance that lets you fully understand your dreams. So I read the article, and performed the blood-letting rituals as the article told me, and then I understood the voices, after I completed the requirement of being extremely high on marijuana. The voices were telling me to find their treasure, which they say is hidden within a town called Arlington. I've never been there, so I was wondering if anyone on this forum is from Arlington that could help me explore. This is really freaking me out, but the idea of treasure is promising. Please send me a message if you want to tag along. In the meantime I'll be enchanting my grandfather's sword with some spells on this forum.
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this really dosent have to do with voodoo have you ever seen a consler about this stuff?

Hey, er... this has nothing to do with voodoo. I'm not sure what tradition you'd need to turn to for advancement here, but if you're getting blood-letting involved (and who are you giving your blood to? Which deity, what spirits? Do you even know?) then you're setting yourself up for either disappointment or, alternatively, some really dark, crappy stuff. I'd recommend cleansing yourself and moving on.

I'm sorry to disappoint you but there isn't any treasure. These voices you hear are not what you think. If I were you, I'd stop doing this and go for some real truth, go to a Christ centered church & get in the Word. These voices you're hearing are trying to make a fool out of you. This voodoo stuff is a trap. Trust me on this. Or go find out for yourself.... Be wise.

Could you post a link to the article about the Abulabi ritual?