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I began my journey when I went back to school and took a World Religion class.  I learned about the indiginous religions and the two that stood out the most for me was  Shamanism and Voodoo.  However, they did not elaborate much about Voodoo.  I am born and raised in New Orleans, LA and have always been intrigued with this religion.  This class opened the door for me.  It didn't teach me much. But it Iead me to venture out and do my own research. I bought several books and am studying how the rituals are done and what's needed for an Alter.   I am getting ready for my first ritual to Papa Legba and am actually a little nervous.  I am afraid that  I am going to do or say something wrong. I have my Papa Legba doll.  However, I did not  create it myself.  I must consecrate or bless it first. I'm nervous about that as well. I can't understand why.

Anyway, I am so glad to  have found a forum where I can speak with other folks who have already been down this road and may be able to shine a little light on me.



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i know this is an older post, but for anyone in the same situation, as i was when i first approached papa legba to ask about vodou...

don't be nervous, papa legba is a great man and a total sweetheart. he appreciates sincerity and is all about revealing opportunities, opening doors and encouraging education. if you approach him with an honest desire to learn and a humble attitude, he'll more than likely be receptive. :)

If you know a bit about voodoo can you take a look at my question and help me out a bit? However, I have been practicing Native American medicine for a long time and it seems to be enough for me. I like astrology, but voodoo scares me. Maybe you can inlighten me.Have you ever thought that It might be time for you to do something with what you have (like teaching) before the door opens up to new things, or so I am learning in my path so far. Boy this one is becomming a hard lesson for me too.

If you are nervous in working with any lwa, perhaps you should not rush into any rituals, but try to get to know the lwa better. Pay attention to dreams, and ask yourself why you are feeling nervous.

this link www.beninvodoun.net is about vodoun and his native

I have posted this email on other pages, so I will post it here again, Anyone still interested and need ing more information please send an email to birdbaby3@yahoo.com. We are located in Miami and have a store and ceremonies that you are welcome to visit and ask questions.

Look into The Haitian Vodou Handbook by Kenaz Filan.

so let me know how things are going for you im just starting out i have no books just been researching on internet i have performed two rituals but so far no luck im not from la but my fathers family is and ive been interested in this for a while especially lately can u recommend any books

Good for you sgalatas! I am sure you already know this, of course, but be careful and respectful when working with the lwa. I may not be an expert, but I am also not exactly new to this sort of thing. *hugs* Take care and be safe! Message me if you need me.<br />

I guess because I was raised Catholic and there are many similarities. I'm really not sure. I can not put my finger on it. I share many of the beliefs which again may have originated in the Catholic faith. However, I have not been very fond of what has been going on with the Catholic church and have pushed away. This left an empty feeling inside. I feel that Voodoo is a good match for me. It allows me to worship privately and gives me a sense of contentment.