There's A Dragon In My Car...

Do you think inanimate objects can gain a spirit from us? Or do you think they already had one? Or is it just energy without any kind of consciousness attached? Or is it just us projecting our assumption that everything thinks the same as us?

Personally, I think inanimate objects can gain a spirit from interacting with us. I think they start off with something, but its raw material.  The more interactions the object has with us, the more feelings we pour into said object, I think the more of a consciousness it gains. 

My first car (it was a black geo tracker), I used to see its spirit as a plump silver/black dragon that used to ride on the roof.  I used to have a thing for speed when I was younger and I think my dragon/car spirit used to love that too.  He would spread his wings and cry from joy when we were speeding on the highway. 

I used to ask him to keep us safe from cops when we would do this.  He
only failed me twice, but both times I was definitely going more then the 80 when I got stopped, but the cops only gave me a ticket for 80, so I didn't get a reckless driving ticket either time.  Also, the tickets were spaced several years apart, so overall, I think he was a good little dragon police protector considering that whenever I was on the highway I had a need for speed. 

I don't drive like that anymore.  Mostly 'cause I drive a motorcycle now and that satisfies my adrenaline rush needs a lot easier then driving a car. 

My car, I used to ask the dragon for protection from accidents and I only had one major one, but I came out of it completely undamaged.  This old guy pulled out in front of me on a busy street and I t-boned him, though he was at fault since he had a stop sign.  He was fine too, I just barely missed hitting where he was sitting. 

My poor car though... It's front was all crumpled.  It had protected me for all of those years only to end up like that...

The insurance people declared it totaled.  If I had had more money, I would have gotten fixed anyways, but I was broke then.  When I went to the junk yard to get my stuff out of the car, I was in tears, seeing it there, knowing that I would never see it again. 

I wonder if they just smushed it, or if they saved it to sell away for parts... it felt like a friend had died. 

I still have a red and blue dragon that I used to have on my rear view mirror and a little dragon charm I used to have have wrapped on my stick shift in a special box in my room. 

My motorcycle now has a dragon spirit as well, but this one is red and is slim and hawk like with a bird's beak and feathered wings.  I've asked the same things from him as I asked from my black dragon and so far (I've been driving it for five years now), knock on wood, but no accidents or tickets :)
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Yes inamite objects do have spiritsw, i talk to my stuffed kitty all the time. Did you know he's memorized the dictionary. Hey so have I! We have so much in common.

Many witches communicate with the spirits of so-called "inanimate" things. Things like cars that have lots of moving energy of their own have strong spirits. Like all living things, each has its time and its end. Some things, like big rocks, often live a very long time, but not forever.