The Craft Or Trade Of Being Wise

The word "Witch" comes from Old English and is related to "Wise" or "Wit." Old English also had gendered nouns as French does today. Witch comes from the feminine form and literally means a wise woman. A similar masculine form, now spelled "Wicca" meant a wise man. "Craft" means a job skill or trade. Witchcraft is therefore the job or skill of being wise. The job of the wise man or woman was to know all the ancient lore from Gods to herbs, from animals to stars.

A similar job was called "Shaman" by some northern tribes and that word was picked up by western cultural anthropologists who had little understanding of the old knowledge. The job was also called "Medicine Man" and a bunch of other names by those who poo pooed the knowledge.

For thousands of years the Wise Men and Wise Women called down energy from the sun and moon, contacted departed spirits, and led rituals for the ancient Gods. The old ways included Sin, the Moon God of Babylon, and Ishtar daughter of the Moon. In recent millennia, old knowledge competed with the dictates of the new monotheism that asserted asceticism and "one true god."

Despite being attacked, chased, persecuted, and executed for a thousand years the Wise Craft has endured. Your local witch is still the go-to person if you are having trouble with ghosts (lost spirits), need weather magic, seek fertility, or just want to understand why we still light a thousand tiny lights on Midwinter's Night.

May the Lord and Lady bless your day.
DozerDan DozerDan
66-70, M
Dec 11, 2012