Oh How I'm In Love

When I felt that feeling last I was little,

The end of term the hols in front of us,

Mr Charmers outstretched his muscular arm,

As if pointing to me,and said, you look after her,

In reply, I intend to do not worry,

You can see her when you want,

He replied, the last time I did this I was bereft,

All that has gone before, I will miss her,

A phone rang he said I have to get this,

Don't want to see you two going down the road to-gether,

The view behind was devine,

Very well defined,

Couldn't wait to get her home,

As we went it was as if the third dimension,

Opened up in front of us.

As if some magic was lifting

Us off the ground,and taking us to a dream,

The sun shone all day and the moon was as big,

She was purring in my ear,

That was so sensual I loved it,

The smell of her air like essence,

Blowing on my elbow, never had that before,

It made me feel like a million stars sparkling,

Home was near and a small sence of fear,

We stroked and I held the key,

The clunk of that door was music to me.

Gently   -Brum brum

GentlyBently GentlyBently
70+, M
Jul 11, 2013