The Beetle And The Spiral; Shamanic Travel.

One of my many experiences rendered in amateurish poetic form..

Reading at home alone, relaxing on a cold winters day,
I saw a large black beetle appear on the floor, not 6 feet away.

Slowly it walked in a circle from right to left, spiraling in,
leaving a thick red track on the carpet where it was walking.

Three times round and round into the center of the spiral it sped,
wherein it stood up on its legs, arms reaching above its head.

Then it sank slowly, disappearing totally into the floor
and with that motion I too sank deep, like I was no more.

Next thing I knew, I was pulled by the arms through a hole,
bright light from above blinding my eyes but filling my soul.

And there I was standing and smiling with two others;
two scantily clad, young and healthy Amerindian brothers.
NgangaVentana NgangaVentana
1 Response Jul 12, 2010

Beautiful Beautiful!