Prayer Brings All We Need To Make It Through This Life

I view prayer as a talk with the best person that has come into my life. God is not Santa so we don't need to be making a list of what we want. He's not a fast food restaurant where we get what we want our way. God is our friend, He's there even we don't understand.

My mom disowned me and kicked me out of the family. My dad was physically and verbally abusive to all of us including our mom. I grew up without having confidence in myself. God changed all of that when I just started talking to Him. I couldn't talk to anyone else, had already tried to kill myself twice. There was no such thing as tell a teacher or social service. I was sexually abused by my uncle and my brother.

I was raped a week after I got married and my husband blamed me. When I had my first child my in-laws were spreading rumours that he wasn't my husband's.  My second child was taking from me because I had her at home. My third child was murdered when he was 27. I was in and out of the hospital for many years. My husband joined the military and we moved to another state. I thought this was the fix all I needed. But he started drink every day and had his friends come to our home, where they would eat any food I had prepared for our dinner and urinated on the bathroom floor.

I wanted to run but I had no place to go. So I spent nights and days in constant prayer. I saw many things turn around that normally wouldn't had, because I prayed to a loving God that helped me be able to cope and take care of my children.

So yes I pray every day, I don't want to go through a day without knowing what I am supose to do. I pray for others and I believe that God will encourage and lift them up as He has me.
JinnieH JinnieH
61-65, F
3 Responses Jul 21, 2011

God bless you! Prayer truly is powerful!

God has given me so much, the most important besides salvation, is love and compassion for others.

Dear, GOD has big plans 4 ur life. We sometimes face troubles so that we should know him. Thanks 4 that u know where to call 4 help. God bless u so that u shd be a blessing to others.