When I Pray Things Go Better In the Day

A decon at my church told me due to my addiction to pray and also pray for other people too, I pray in the wee hours of the morning sometimes most of the time before sunrise. Praying helps me and I see it helps others too whom I pray for, pray makes my day go by much better.

Ratfink Ratfink
51-55, M
1 Response Sep 25, 2008

I am a convert to Islam and am a muslim : )<br />
I absoloutly LOVE preying 5 times a day and also in the early mornings when the world is awaking and when the sun is setting. It Humbles,purifies me and gives me great peace and tranquilty in this busy world we live in.<br />
The greatest friend is Almighty God that created us all,your God and my God,i prey for world peace and all of Humanity. Peace to you my friend......