How I Pray The Rosary

I want to share you how I collect my prayer intentions and how I pray for each of them.
I have a small 64 page note book which I use to list my prayer intentions. Whenever I get a new prayer intention, I list it down. For example, if somebody dies, I write the name of this person on the prayer intention book. So each day when I pray the Rosary, I say each bead (e.g. one hail Mary) to one prayer intention. In one mystery of the Rosary (e.g. the sorrowful mysteries),  I pray for 71 prayer intentions (6 our father, 53 hail mary, 6 Glory be.., 6 Fatima prayer). Whenever I go to church for holy Mass, I take the prayer intention book with me and I put it infront of me during the holy Mass. I ask Jesus to bless the intentions. I ask also the gardian angles of each souls to pray for them. Since last year, I listed 107 death cases on my prayer intention book. 107 is not the actual number of the death cases. It is just an aggregate. N.B. If I say those killed by “9/11 terrerist attack in USA”, then I take this as a single case. If I cover the first 71 cases in one Rosary one day, then the next 71 cases will be covered by the next day’s prayer. This way I cover all the listed prayer intentions on my book. Once I prayed for all the prayer intentions until the end, then I start again from the beginning. I list on my prayer intention books not only cases related to death, but also others like peace in the world,  holiness, forgivness of sins of omission, protection of our pope, stop abortion, etc. This is how I collect my prayer intentions and how I pray for each of them. I hope some of you will find it helpful. God bless you all!
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1 Response Mar 20, 2012

Yes, I did find it very helpful. It is always encouraging to come across others who believe in the power of the holy rosary and talk to God about the needs of all His children.