Thank You

Thank you for letting me conquer my enemies and they plots
And thank you for letting my momma survive the 5 shots
It was up close and personal a lot for a kid to see
All the stuff I been through how could I not be a G
I know he got a purpose for me it ain't no if ands or maybes
God in case I never told you I want to thank you for my babies
Although I'm a gangster rapper I'm pretty smart and well rounded
I never sell my soul and I promise to stay grounded
He said all you got to do is just speak it and believe it
And everything I prayed for I eventually receive it
While the devil work overtime the suckers stay doubting you
I'm aware of all my blessings and I know I'm nothing without you
JonMck JonMck
22-25, M
2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Amen :D

Amen! Stay blessed x