Divine Mother

Growing up, I just sort of followed suit with my parents and grandparents, viewing god as a Patriarchal figure. We were Weslyan Methodist, however, and attended a very liberal church. (One of the first to have a lesbian Minister) Heck, some of my first sexual forays and experimentation with drugs were on the coed backpack trips or meditation retreats up in the Sierras (that I faithfully attended each summer) with the church's youth groups. But I'm getting a little nostalgic and off-topic.
I joined increasingly more conservative churches in my teens, the Latter-Day Saints for one (sweet talked by a cute girl) and the Church of Christ (Logically, they made a lot of sense and i appreciated the "back to basics" approach) Both Male oriented, to say the least.
Even when I discovered the Hare Krsnas, God was a guy (Although Sita got pretty fair billing among the folks I knew).
But ever since I moved to Mt Shasta in the late 80's and had an experience of rebirth, with me being ushered into existence again from the womb of this great Mother. Spiritually cleansed from the waters of Her womb at Panther Meadows, the high springs that start the mighty Sacramento River, the lifeblood of my home state California. (How's that for a run on sentence)
Any "All Great and Knowing Power" (when I chose to recognize it as such) was decidedly female in it's persona and general feel. Meeting Amachi, "The Hugging Saint", and delving into Self-Realization and the yogic practices of Paramahansa Yogananda affirmed this "feeling". And i view things that way today. Even in my roughest hours, attending AA to satisfy the court, i would quietly substitute "Divine Mother" instead of "Our Father" during the nightly prayers.
The fact that I choose to worship Dominant Women in my personal & sexual relationships, submitting to them and even going so far as to not only call them Goddesses but truly serve them as such incarnate? Well, I don't have any problem with it.
Personally, i don't see much difference in the sexes of humanity anyway. And divinity really shouldn't be labeled by us anyway...

I believe that "ALL OF US" are GOD/GODDESS. We're just divided into millions of little parts right now. But don't worry, by the end of time, we'll all be back together to see the Universe come to a close. As one giant, sexless, beautiful expression of love.
johnnybliss johnnybliss
41-45, M
Sep 2, 2010