That life would end soon because I'm an excuse of a human being and is taking too much space and oxygen. I should just die and go to the underworld where I belong.

I'll donate my organs so other valuable humans can live on.
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1 Response Aug 18, 2014

Hmm. Life will end soon and that's gonna be your prayer! And you feel that you are a burden just because you are existing??Fine, then you want to die and find a place in underworld ?You want to donate your organs for other humans ! for them to live?Grumpy - sounds like a smurf!!! , you know what, from your prayer i am able to understand the pain who have had all these years in your life because i too have made prayers like those in life - but once.All i want you to think now is about just you and none other that you. Let us assume you are granted a job something you would like to do with a good salary package and a cool place to stay where you can start your life on your own from scratch, settle down find new friends, find someone really special who's more like you and share your interests and is willing to marry you and treasure every single moment in life with you. would you consider that offer as a gift ? or will treat it as a lame one ?If you are to treat the offer a lame one then gratz you are brave enough to suffer and are willing to face it with a fight.If you are considering the offer to be the best one then another question will arise, Are you sure about leaving things back and move ahead with your life ?? If yes then again, you are brave enough to be on your own.Whatever path you choose you just have to make a promise to yourself and that is about not blaming yourself and the situation that forces you to pick a choice.Remember, this life is huge and beautiful. Don't miss it. Find people who value you more and accept what you are.I will start something for you. I don't know if you have a brother or not. Accept me as your brother and as your friend. You need something? just ask. We may be a huge distance apart but we can stitch a bond made out of trust and belief. Ever heard of a pen friends? lets be like them.