Praying For Them..

i pray for them..makes me think how selfish i am for thinkin some other things..i havent stopped thinkin bout them either..
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it was nice you prayed for them it was a terrible disaster

My name is Knoa.This is who I am..This is the name that Our Father did give me and who I shall always remain..I ask Him for healingof all souls in need.. Comfort..Compassion. Understanding. and Love? May we all be whole and well.

me too I saw the devastation and immediately sought the Lord to help them.

You aren't selfish, anysangels, far from it. You're a generous and caring soul who is human, just like the rest of us.

Mi Amigo,GOD's LOVE 4 u, thru CHRIST JESUS helps Us 2 C R faults N others&IF HE CAN 4give/Still Love N spite O'selves;should not also extend Our LOVE un2 those who act different from us 2?#2.)Iffin'We Can't/Won't/Don't 4give those who wrong us;He Can't 4give us N Heavan either= THat's sc<x>ripture,baby!!!

hugs CC n roxanne*<br />
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jimmy,coz u are important.others r important..i know too negative is wrong coz others tell me ''u r too negative''n thats bout me,i should b positive.

There is a difference between 'feeling' negative and 'being' negative, amysangels...<br />
<br />
Feeling a bit down is human. Everybody has that sometimes.<br />
Being negative is also human, but it is wrong.<br />
<br />
You sometimes FEEL a bit down, but you ARE not negative. Because you are able to care about people in a good way, because you look positive at people who are in trouble. Because you send little positive messages to me when my mood is not so positive.<br />
<br />
That is the difference, amysangels. That is why you are able to stay in the light. Because you ARE positive...

They are in my thoughts to Amy. Im praying with you.

Sweet Amy, the news is so frightening, those poor people. There is still so much more they have to face in days ahead as the initial shock wears off and reality makes itself clear. They need an incredible amount of prayer and comfort. Well done for doing all you can X@

they are?i see them least better than be negative..<br />
i remember..<br />

hugs tp*

..not evrythin i write is positive..<br />
u helped me too jimmy,i appreciate it.hugs

You are absolutely not selfish, amysangels :)<br />
For that, you are way too willing to share, like with all the little stories you post. That is sharing too, you know. Maybe tose are small things, you think, but they help people, your stories, so, even sharing just a little has seriously positive consequences.<br />
Hey, you have even helped me, with just a short message, a small gesture... That is also sharing...<br />
So, no, you are not selfish, Amy...<br />
<br />
And my thoughts are with 'them' too, together with yours and so many others...<br />
<br />
Stay in the light, amysangels *hugs*

im glad ur friends r safe dad..i couldn find words when was watchin,like being there..<br />
<br />
hugs welshbabe*..

Our mutual friend!! AndrewPenney has said it all beautifully my young friend!!! I agree 100% you are "NOT" selfish!! <br />
Thank you for posting my young darling!! :-)