Strong Prayers Needed For Gavan's Mother

Please send your Urgent Prayers, Good Wishes, Positive Energies, Love, Light and Blessings,

Many Blessings to all who respond

I hope Garvan doesn't mind the repost from my whiteboard

Elf,thank you for asking.I wish it were good news however Mother is extremely unwell.She has so much wrong with her,diabetes,heart failure,kidney failure.I am living on my nerves,I am her carer,she took a bad fall in the toilet 2 nights ago,it took me about 10 mins to get her up however in that time she was in shock so I stayed in her room that night.

I have an alarm in my room so Mom can summon me at any time.The strain of seeing someone you love so much fading is desperate,hence my not being on EP much these days.I like to portray a positive image and at this time it is too hard,bless your kind heart.

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I know that our God will be with them. We too give our prayers and love out to them.

Thank you Giley and to the inner family.

Many Blessings to you all

I am still praying for her & Garvan. They need as much Love & support that can be given. Love, Prayers, Blessings, and the Light from the Creator.** Hugs, LW

Thank you LW............ smiles
Continued Blessings for you as always my dear sweet friend,




If there is such a cure you should be spreading the process all over the world . In hard economic times the world I know few people who could afford a trip to India in the current financially stressful environment

Yeah! God is great! I thank our dear Lord that he heard our prayers!<br />
I'm so happy for you and your mom garvan! (((hugs)))

Thank you Ricki for Thanking the One who is truly responsible....... I will do so as well but privately.

Hello all,I have wonderful news,my dear Mother has been released from Hospital today,I strongly believe all the prayers that have been said for her by this most special community have helped pull her through.<br />
Knowing that there were so many people praying also helped me to cope at a most distressing time,thank you one and all,I truly appreciate what has been done here,so many kind hearted people.The joy to have my precious Mother home is immense.<br />
Elf my friend,you have been amazing,truly amazing.You picked up noticing I was down and organised this appeal,you are quite an extraordinary man,someone honest and true,I am so proud to have a friend like you here on EP.God Bless You,and all who participated.<br />
All my love and thanks is reaching out to you all.<br />
garvan :-)

That is wonderful news garvan !!!!!! Thank you so much for the positive update.

I want to say a special thanks to all my incredible friends for responding........
This my dear friends is your victory !!!!!

Garvan it is I who is honored by your friendship
My part in this is miniscule compared to the friends who responded.

I will pray for both persons care giving shows an enormous heart.

Yes it does gypsy...................Thank you for your prayers for them.............. Many Blessings for you in return my sweet friend

Sendind love light and blessings. Prayers to Garvan's mother.

Thank you Jennifurby............ good to see you's been a while..............

Love, Light and Blessings to you my dear friend in return

I continue to send Love, Light and Blessings to garvan's mother....<br />
May she awaken tomorrow with a smile and rose colored cheeks......<br />
May she be healed in all ways and from all complications.<br />
<br />
.... Adonai Hasheem Elohim<br />
<br />

You are a beacon of light and a true friend.

I understand what that is like (as you probably know). Its hard to watch a parent wither away. You do your best to help them, yet you can't make them young again or cure their ailments, you just do your best to allow them the dignity to deal w/their situation the best way you can. <br />
<br />
I didn't know that Garvan was a caregiver. Good story. Informative. I wish him the best, thank you for letting me know about your story.

Thank you 4vrUnique for your Best Wishes...... as you know we are all one within this world and the most singular thought has more influence that anyone could have guessed even a decade ago
Many Blessings to you in return my friend

Thank You!

Thank you.

Sure garvan, no problem.

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I'm going through the same thing with my dad so I know what you’re going through. My prayers are with you!

Thank you Shuhak for your Prayers for garvan's mother...............In return I am offering up Prayers, Love, Light and Blessings to your father and to you.
I am sending Healing Light his way

Adonai Hasheem Elohim



You are in my thoughts and prayers,God Bless You and your father.

I know what you are going through as I have experienced it too.<br />
My thoughts are with you. take care.

Thank you for adding your thoughts Nimbus...

Many Blessings to you in return my friend

My mother was diagnosed with pancratic cancer in January, 1996 and given six months to live. Her doctor told her to come live at my house and be with me, my husband, and our four children. One of our sons, gave his room to her to live in until her death. She was OK for a good while and I worked and she got about very well, but toward the end, we had Hospice to help. We had a bedside commode chair, a hospital bed, a shower chair. A nurse gave mother baths. She got so sick, she could not keep down water. The pharmacist tried everything. I empied her vomit pans, her bathroom pan and I would cry while I cleaned them, but, I NEVER let her see me cry. I kept telling her that she must stay with me, that I could not raise all those children with just my husband. However, cancer will have it's way and she died exactly six months after being diagnosed with the disease. I was so in shock as I had lost my grandmother two years before, my husband's aunt who raised him three years prior, and my Dad died in 1989. Having been an only child, I was lost. My every prayer will go to this man as he cares for his mother. It is unbearable and one feels so helpless. It makes you want to scream at the sky and yell obsenities at nothing. I had to keep a smile on my face and I was so furious to see her in pain and morphine did not help her pain, that I became an atheist. I refused to allow the pastor to touch me and I would leave the room when he prayed. I am no longer like that. Life is an endless circle, but there will be a Summerland, a Heaven, an Avalon, a place of Peace for us and our pets. The price we pay for love is the pain of losing the thing we love. My heart goes out to you who is caring for a dying mother. I had to watch her slowly die in agony. My Dad dropped dead of a heart attack. That was almost too much to take, but we must take it. Look it in the face and tell death it will not have her soul. You know her soul will live on in peace. My thoughts ARE with you.

My sympathy for your losses Callalilly........
I appreciate your recounting your story and for your prayers for gavan.
I am happy to see you have come back from your blame and found your place back into spirituality.
Thank you for your Thoughts and Prayers my dear friend.
Many Blessings to you in return

I shall offer many prayers..for them both....

Thank you neuilly..............
Many Blessings to you in return

It is so stressful and we see a parent slipping away, and we change roles. Praying that your mother regains her health, and for strength for you as her care giver. Hugs!

Thank you dare2love.............
Many Blessings to you in return

I am sending Love Light and Blessings to sustain Garvan's mother<br />
I am sending Healing Energies to strengthen her body mind and soul<br />
I am sending Pure Light to surround her and Garvan to increase their bond and thus her place in this existence<br />
<br />
Adonai.Hasheem Elohim<br />
<br />

Amen to that! I support your prayers!

Thank you Ricki......... I want to keep this story active until we get the desired outcome

What an awesome man you are Elf,Mom has contracted a secondary infection in Hospital after starting to pick up and recover,the staff are wonderful and are full of hope that Mom may return home once they have eridicated this new infection.Thank you everyone and God Bless you all,garvan.

Thank you.

Thank you sevdassub

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Yes, we can join together in prayer for her, prayers will be heard, we can place our faith in Him.

Thank you matureand for your prayers....

many Blessings to you in return

Prayers to your mum Garvan and strength to you and your family

Thank you MADHATTER............... many Blessings to you in return my dear friend

Thank you my friend

Update,Thank you everyone,with these prayers my precious Mother will benefit,I know she will.<br />
<br />
Elf,you are an amazing friend,always there when things get too difficult for me.Sadly today Mom had to be admitted into Hospital.Since speaking to you Elf she has got worse.I have spent the whole day at Hospital,she is getting all the medical aid possible.My emotions are all over the place right now.I can't thank all my peers here on EP highly enough,there really are some exceptionally kind hearted and thoughtful people here on EP,God Bless You All,and you Elf,you are giving me strength just when I need it and your message I am sure will aid my Mother,I believe so strongly in the power of prayer.<br />
Ican'tthank you all enough.....garrvan

Garvan............ It is my friends that are awesome..... yourself included........ All I do is put out a call and they come with their hearts ready to give all to help anyone in need....... I am in awe..... I am sending Pure White Healing Light to your mother...... may her condition improve rapidly and her overall health strengthen............ The image in my mind will be her cheeks becoming a healthy rose colored glow with her stamina growing stronger every day........ print this and read these prayers to her and let her know we are all supporting her... Tell her we need her to fight this as we fight it with her.

Love, Light and Blessings.


A wonderful suggestion Elf,I will do.There is some improvement in her today,the EXCELLENT hospital staff are doing everything possible for my precious Mother.I have not the words to thank you all the way I would wish,there is something so pure and enormously good in the well wishing and prayers that are being offered.I will always feel and remember this goodness from so many people,with all my heart I thank you all.

I am sending my Prayers, Love & Light out to them both. He needs all our Love & sipport right now, too. This is never easy on a child, Your first instinct is to protect with everything you've got.<br />
<br />
Many Prayers & Blessings from me to Garvan & his mother.

Thank you Livingwell for your Prayers and Blessings for Garvan and his Mother..........
Many Blessings to you as always,


Tothose above this comment,thank you.Livingwell my dear friend,a huge hug to you.

Prayers are sent for Garvan's mother and for him as well!

Thank you Rtcki for sending Prayers

many Blessings for you in return

Gavan, we can all send positive energy, and I do, closing my eyes and sending all I can, but do you think this is really the life your mother wishes for? Living with diabetes, kidney failure, heart failure, falling in the this a life? isn't it time for her to go on her transition to another dimension, however painful that thought may be for you?

Shadow he wants to have a healing for his mother......... our success rate has been 100 % to date........... We do that be keeping things positive in the Prayers........... thank you for sending positive energy
many Blessings in return for you my friend

100% YES,My Mother has put up a tremendous battle these last 2 years,survived a second open heart operation against all the odds,she wants to live and is not going to give up.She has a loving husband,daughter and son and WANTS more precious time with us.I am her full time carer now that I haveretired and I do so gladly.Thank you for your thoughts however let me be clear,Mom wants to live and I will do anything for her,a Mother,mentor and friend all rolled into one.

All this positive energy should help your mother if she wants to live.

I am keeping them both lifted in my prayers and in my heart. Sending healing~love~light their way.

moonstar thank you for sending healing~love~light to garvan and his mother...

Many Blessings to you in return

Thank you Dizzie, sgc, Trasa, Raindrop, Starlifter, and Mizzen for all your Prayers and Powerful Thoughts and Love<br />
<br />
Many many Blessings to you all in return,<br />
<br />

Tell Gavin I changed his name to Garvin, I'm sure he wont mind. Hope a lil levity helps. :)

smiles I saw that when I read it but figured I would let you get by with it........... lol

I add my personal thanks to you all.God Bless you.

I miss my mother every single day, so I feel for Gavan and what he is going through. My thoughts are with him and his mother.

Thank you.

You're very welcome, Garvan. I was a carer for my mother, too. All the very best, my friend.

I have an ailing mother also and it is so stressful and heart breaking when you see your loved one so sick and there is nothing that you can do about it... You just let them know that you are there for them and tell them that you love them very much and care for them even though your heart is breaking to see them in pain. You cherish each and every moment with them. There is nothing that is impossible that the Lord.He is a Loving and compassionate God... and will care and hold your love one close to his heart.... My prayers are with Garvan and his beloved mother....

Exactly,I could not have said it better myself,thank you somuch.

Garvin is a tribute to good raising I pray peace and Love follow he and those he loves.

My dear friend,thank you.I will be in touch xxx

Many positive energies and much love to Garvan and his mother. I know about this slightly-having to care for my own mother (although she was in a nursing home after having had a stroke)-so I understand how extremely difficult it is. You're in my thoughts and I know how difficult it is...

sgc43,youare so right,it is impossibly difficult,the hardest thing I have had to face in my life.Thank you,thank you ALL for your wonderful support.

Garvan......... I am sending you and your Mother Many Prayers, Love, Light and Blessings..............................<br />
<br />

Elf,I am emotional reading so many people who are prepared to pray or send best wishes,it means so much.

You deserve all their support my dear friend

Prayer sent.

Sincere thanks

Good luck.

Sending my thoughts and best wishes for him and his Mother. I hope all goes well for your friend.

Thank you jacee............
Many Blessings to you in return

Thank you.

Positive thoughts, energy and prayers sent their is so hard to care for a loved one alone...sending special strength for Garvan ....

Thank you Pixelita............

Many Blessings to you in return

pixelita,God bless you.

Thank you mtvlm.......... many Blessings to you in return

Thank you Freshysangel and snoopy<br />
<br />
Many Blessings to you both in return

Prayers and wishes sent his way. Have seen this kind of first hand when my mom and aunt were taking care of their mother before she passed on. Hope all goes okay....

To the three above thank you so very much,

Ok i will send my prayers.

Thank you DarkStarOfTexas<br />
<br />
Many Blessings in return

Thank you ChipmunkErnie and Temprence......................<br />
<br />
Many Blessings to you both in return

I'm sending my prayers my love good wishes and I hope all is well for you n your family

Thank you

My prayers are with them..

Temprence thank you,Chipmonk likewise,I can't reply to you as you have kept me blocked,these barriers are terrible things,I have had all unblocked for months.

garvan thank you for stopping by to thank these beautiful souls............ I add my thanks to yours........... My friends..... you are all incredible beings capable of anything you set your minds to.........
Never lose your Caring, Loving hearts