Strong Prayers Needed For Gavan's Mother

Please send your Urgent Prayers, Good Wishes, Positive Energies, Love, Light and Blessings,

Many Blessings to all who respond

I hope Garvan doesn't mind the repost from my whiteboard

Elf,thank you for asking.I wish it were good news however Mother is extremely unwell.She has so much wrong with her,diabetes,heart failure,kidney failure.I am living on my nerves,I am her carer,she took a bad fall in the toilet 2 nights ago,it took me about 10 mins to get her up however in that time she was in shock so I stayed in her room that night.

I have an alarm in my room so Mom can summon me at any time.The strain of seeing someone you love so much fading is desperate,hence my not being on EP much these days.I like to portray a positive image and at this time it is too hard,bless your kind heart.

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Thank you mtvlm.......... many Blessings to you in return

Thank you Freshysangel and snoopy<br />
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Many Blessings to you both in return

Prayers and wishes sent his way. Have seen this kind of first hand when my mom and aunt were taking care of their mother before she passed on. Hope all goes okay....

To the three above thank you so very much,

Ok i will send my prayers.

Thank you DarkStarOfTexas<br />
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Many Blessings in return

Thank you ChipmunkErnie and Temprence......................<br />
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Many Blessings to you both in return

I'm sending my prayers my love good wishes and I hope all is well for you n your family

Thank you

My prayers are with them..

Temprence thank you,Chipmonk likewise,I can't reply to you as you have kept me blocked,these barriers are terrible things,I have had all unblocked for months.

garvan thank you for stopping by to thank these beautiful souls............ I add my thanks to yours........... My friends..... you are all incredible beings capable of anything you set your minds to.........
Never lose your Caring, Loving hearts