Prayers Needed For Originalmarji, Her Husband And Their Dog Tiger

thistletwistle Sep 4, 2012 3:06 PM
I am writing Elf because of our mutual friend Marji

I know that the power of prayer can and does bring miracles and Marji's needs are great. Her news of her forthcoming surgery is good - encouraging but I am worried as her beloved dog Tiger has become seriously ill... She is so distressed. My heart breaks thinking of what she is going through.
Will you please pray for Marji and her dog Tiger, Elf.
Thank you so much

Thank you Thistle for bringing Tiger's condition

Though I have posted a request for Marji I am now posting to include her husband Jim who has had extensive dental work and is experiencing major pain
and their dog Tiger who is seriously ill

Many Blessings for all who offer their Prayers, Love, Light, Blessings, positive Energies and Thoughts.......................


Since his was written Tiger passed away.................. Marji and Jim are on the mend
56-60, M
4 Responses Sep 5, 2012

My thoughts are with you Marji,I have prayed for you,your Husband and your ailing Dog.To some it may be trivial to mention a Dog,to me it is Not,I can understand the bond we Dog owners have for our pets,they are part of the family.
Most of all My prayer and more to come are for you Marji....God Bless You.

Hi garvan.............. Unfortunately her dog didn't make it.............
Marji and Jim are both on the mend

Master Giley and I will hold then in our hearts and prayers, Elf.

Thank you MasterGiley and sugarfooties for your Prayers

Love, Light and Blessings,



I will hold them all in my prayers!

thank you RickiChicki and rickibrat2

many Blessings to you both