Into Thy Hand's.

Our dear heavenly father. I come before you this day with a heavy heart over the many children that are a gift of life from you that are aborted each and everyday. Children that have no say in the life that is being taken from them. We pray dear lord that you will walk the recess of the mind heart and soul of those that walk through the door of an abortion clinic that they will open their eye's to the damage that they will do that can never be undone. Open their eye's that the child you gave them is a true gift that will bring joy for a lifetime. But we also pray dear lord that if it cant be stopped that you place a protective hedge of angle's around your child that will protect them from the pain of what is to come and that your angle's will bring your child back home to be with you.

We pray dear lord that you will be with the mother that made this choice, that you will make your presence known in a mighty way dear lord and they will find their way to you. That they will seek to help other's before they also give up another child. We pray dear lord that you will guide them and that you will speak through them with a power of conviction. We pray dear lord that you will open the eye's of our goverment and court's that the blood of these children will also be on their hand's when they stand before you. That they will reverse this law that has cost so many innocent live's to be lost. That they will know beyond any doubt that it is your spirit that has fell on them and that they will stand up to their conviction's regardless of cost. We lay these children before you this day dear lord and pray that your will be done. In jeus name we pray. amen.
Robert1256 Robert1256
51-55, M
Mar 21, 2011