Tough to Take About

It's never easy to bring up the topic of celibacy with someone new to your life.  Not many people share my feelings concerning sex and even fewer understand why I'm looking for someone if I don't enjoy romance.  The fact is I love romance.  I enjoy kissing, snuggling, holding hands and much more.  I have had a few partners in my life, not too many nor to few, but enough to now it's difficult to find a compatible lover.  Some women like to scream loud enough to wake the dead, some only like one position, and others like to dig their nails into your flesh and some even want you to talk dirty. I know it's not just the woman’s felt.  I've heard that I'm to fast, to slow, to quite, "why do you want to do it in the morning all the time" or "Why don't you look me in the eyes".  I guess I'm just getting to old to make the effort any longer.  If sex should happen, it should be as a result of a special bond that comes from sharing life and its experiences with a friend not as a part of courtship.

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1 Response Mar 6, 2009

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