Life As A Recluse

Hey guys

   I dont know what lead me to write this, perhaps a need to express my innermost feelings reguarding life. I long to live as a recluse. My dream is not riches and secular attainments. I only desire to live in a house up in the hills of san diego close to nature. I would love to get married one day to my Lady and raise my family there.

  I've lived in NYC all my 31 yrs, and am so tired of the huslte n bustle here. I own my own business and work at it everyday. but seeing peolpe motivated by money and willingness to do anything for it is just plain sickening to me. My friends are all in business like myself, and talk about it and material things all the time, I mean, I like material things n business too but damn!! there is more to life then that. I feel myself changing, my interest lean more toward philosophy, meta physics  and self improvement. but as I carry on, I feel more and more alone, I am progressivly losing interest with existing friends.  But I'm wondering, how can I etch out a living as a recluse? Please share some ideas or just let me know what you think about my situation.

Its not that I totally dislike being of the world, I just feel an innate need to disconnect from it from time to time...

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I am 67, female and living on social security. I am definitely a recluse+ have no interest in making new friends or being very social. I love to garden and read alot + do some sewing + sometimes take classes that interest me. What I would Love to find is a community of people, or a person who wants to live a quiet lifestyle ,with some acreage,and surrounded by nature.I would like to have a garden,and maybe some chickens. Mostly I would like to share expenses,and maybe a garden,but have a place to go to be alone? my own room? My own cabin? cactuslady

Just figured out i am a recluse, too. I AM 58. It is very freeing and I am taking my time getting used to the idea. I clean houses and offices for a living and mostly no one else is around while I work which is ideal for me. It is a good feeling to admit and embrace who I am.

Thanks Guys, I've been away a bit doing some serious soul searching.

It's amazing the many ways you can earn a living as a recluse. You can sell oyster mushrooms and if you get the white ones they go for 18 to 30 dollars a pound in texas. Charge overnight shipping. You can sell pre-cut wood to campers. You can carve bowls from knots in fallen trees. I have a friend who used to get 200 bucks + per bowl. I know a guy who makes pine incense and gets 8.00 a pack for it. Costs him about 15 cents a pack to make. You can always grow dope too LOL Fiddleheads in the spring can be sold to gourmet restaurants alonf with leeks and the mushrooms. If you live in an area with snow you can make a good deal of money just by putting a plow on your vehicle. Charge the rich and help out the poor. Sell plant seedlings on ebay. Many ways to make money as a recluse. I've been one for years. you really need to own your own place to pull it off though.

I believe you are on the right path for you. <br />
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I too live the same way. I see people once a month when I do grocery shopping, and pay bills.<br />
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Take this time to really find out about yourself, what makes you choose life. Self examine and get rid of the things no longer needed, but it sounds like you are already doing that. Not interested in your old friends is a huge shift in life. Becoming "aware" of your surroundings for the beauty is a teacher in and of itself. <br />
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Learn something new everyday...