my new doctor is female and young not like my last one, she was great and knew her job, but my new one is very pretty last week I had to go and see her because of my life insurance policy, they required a full medical for my life cover, after answering all the questions on a large form, she said shall we start, and told me to undress down to my (knickers) her words not mine, as I undressed I started getting a *****, I was embaressed, she didn't seem to take much notice, she did all the normal stuff, heart, lungs, reflexes the usual, then she said that she needed to check me out down there, and told me to pop my knickers off, I felt my heart was going to burst when she made me cough and held my you know what! she took some blood and a pee sample, I've never been so embaressed in my life, standing infront of a nice looking lady doctor with a *****, I could have died. 
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Jul 22, 2010