I Prefer A Woman Doctor

Not that I don't trust a guy doctor or a Feminist (I'm not). I just prefer women doctors to assist me, because they give me girl-to-girl advices that guy doctors don't give and I can be honest with them because they understand what a girl is going through more than a guy doctor (I'm not saying guy doctors are dumb), its because women doctors experience it or now the feeling.

I always want to be assisted by a girl, not that I'm Bi (I'M NOT BI). Its just I can tell her what I want without being ashamed of it. For example, at a store, if I was to buy a pants, shirt, or even undergarments, I don't want a guy salesman to assist me. I'm like, "Go away dude, I want her to assist me.'. For some reasons I can't explain, I just don't like guys assisting me. Girls understand a girl's needs more than guys do. ^^

**Sorry for saying this things about guys. I'm just saying my opinion. :D :D
sunsetglow sunsetglow
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1 Response Aug 1, 2010

Personally I hate all doctors, most of them seem to be ********, but the one good doctor I had was female, more importantly though, she was older than the other docs. I hate it when I get some barely qualified chump doc talking down at me.<br />
And sorry to break it to you, but if you believe in equal rights for men and women, that makes you a Feminist. It's not a swear word dear.

that would be an equalist not a feminist, feminists are people who want more women rights and less male rights, maybe not officially but that is what it is with over 80% of feminists. there is a reason it's called FEMinist.