First Prostate Exam

I was absolutely terrified before my first prostate exam.  What would it feel like? Is it true that the cause erections?  If I had an erection would the Dr see, and what might they say? And some other worries.

I was used to genital exams and the Dr who was performing them.  I have had a female Dr for many years now, and she is very good, easy to talk to and thorough but gentle in her examinations.

After she had completed my genital exam, she explained she would carry out a rectal exam, and that I should lay on my side and raise my knee to my chest.  She explained she needed to apply lube, which was very old.  She then explained she would insert a finger in me, gently push to find my prostate, and then turn her finger clockwise whilst examining prostate, and remove it.  The whole thing would be over in seconds.  

I bit my lip and lay in the position requested.  I felt the lube, then the finger being inserted.  I will never get used to that sensation.  Once her finger was inserted, things Warn't too bad.  I felt her push up to my prostate, felt the probing, and the rotation.  I think I moaned slightly, and could feel the beginnings of an erection, but not a full blown one.  The exam was over in seconds, and the Dr handed me some tissues to clean up and drop in the bin at the end of the exam table.   She left me alone to do this whilst she took her gloves off, giving me the privacy to clean up without her seeing me on display again.

I do not fear rectal exams now, that said I don't enjoy them either, but I am fortunate to have the Dr I do.
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Usually when getting a prostate check from a male doc, I'd just lower my pants and bend over the table so he could insert a gloved lubed finger and feel the prostate. When I had a female doc do the prostate exam, it was part of a physical and I had a gown and briefs on. I had to remove the briefs so she could first do the genital exam, then lie on the exam table on my left side with knees bent while she inserted a gloved lubed finger and probed around the prostate area. The exam itself only took a few seconds, whether done by a male or female.

As a heterosexual male I would prefer a female doctor to do a prostate exam over a male doctor for several reasons. Let me first point out that I am no where near a chauvinist, nor am I am I seeking a female doctor for a full physical and prostate exam for a cheap childish thrill. Shamefully I have a great fear in all invasive medical proceedures born out of a past that brought great trauma to me at the age of then 22 from Gang-Rape and Torture at Gunpoint. For 23 years I stayed silent about my painful stigma telling no one, no even family. Help has been sparse and indifferent being heterosexual so for the most part you live in such such silient stigma and plainly suck it it up. That's what men with broad shoulders do. Not into Head-Shrinking drug pushers.
Today at 55 I'm happily married to a beautiful compassionate wife who happens to be a registered nursing supervisor. Without her great love and and support I would not exist today. She's my all.

I would think most female doctors sought by men isn't so much for deliberate reasons aside from woman usually being more compassionate and gentle in nature, but far more having to do because female doctors now dominate the medical physician sector more than male doctors in overall present statistics in United States and Canada.

My doctor is very gentle and that's the key for me to relax. I have had one male and one female who were not gentle and I just moved on to the next doctor.

My first and only exam was a few years ago. The doctor stuck his finger up my butt as I bent over the examination table. It was highly uncomfortable. I grimaced through the entire experience. I felt no sexual feelings, or erection. The doc said my prostate was larger than normal, but the blood test results said I was okay. I think I'd like a female to do it next time. Males are usually rough. Probably because they don't want to do it. :-)

I think female doctors are more gentle and patient.

That was great. It sounds like she is a great care giver. You are lucky that she's your doctor.