An Abdominal Ultra Sound

I had to get an abdominal ultra sound. While waiting in the reception area, I was called by name and told to enter a door down the hallway.

When I got there, an older woman, perhaps in her early 50's, pleasant but not attractive, asked me to take off all my upper body clothing and my pants but that I could leave my under shorts on.

She asked me to lay down on a table and she started the exam moving from the top of my abdomin down to my belly button. During this time she had placed a towel across my groin area and rested her right hand there while she used her left hand to move the ultra sound wand.

At some point she said that she needed me to pull my shorts down a bit so that she could access the rest of my abdomin. Now I knew what she meant, that she wanted me to just move my shorts down a bit. But intead I lifted my butt slightly off the table and reached behind me and pulled my shorts down to my knees, exposing a semi hard ****.

Without blinking an eye, she put the towel back down across my groin and now hard **** and finished the exam. At that point, of course, she had to take her towel back, which she did, leaving me with a **** pointing towards the ceiling. She eyed it for a moment and then said that I could get dressed now.

I'll always wonder if she was thinking if she could suck me off or jerk me off. I would have let her.
Geo10c Geo10c
46-50, M
May 5, 2012