My Husband and I Both Go to a Woman Doctor

My husband and I both go to the same female general practioner and we both like her.  I asked him after his last physical if he wasn't embarassed to be examined by a woman and whether or not (given that not only is she a woman, she is an attractive woman who is younger than we are) he worried about getting an erection when she is examining his genitals. (After all, that's what happens when I examine his genitals!) but he said that no, that didn't seem to be a problem, not even when she slides back his foreskin to examine the head of his penis -- in fact, he said he feels more embarassed at how small he is, almost as small as the way men's interesting features seem to shrivel in cold water. And, he added, another advantage comes when she examines his prostage -- her fingers, he said, are slimmer than the fingers of any male doctor who ever slid one into his *** to feel his prostate and if he has to be probed, he is happier to be probed by her slim finger. I couldn't help it, I laughed and laughed.

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I have had the experience in which, I think, female physician or nurse seemed more embarrassed by my being nude and they being present. I had to have an emergency urological procedure. I was stretched out on the gurney and the team introduced itself to me. the very attractive nurse introduced herself and said she would leave to give me privacy. I said what for, you are going to see and feel everything soon anyway, why bother with false modesty. on another occasion after a urological procedure, which was done under spinal anesthesia, I watched the nurse and aide clean me up after the procedure. my legs were up in stirrups and they washed me off, one would hold my **** and the other wash me, then they would switch and hold my balls and finish washing me. it was an out of body experience. I had no reactions at the time, but looking back, and occasionally bumping into them, it is erotic.

I must admit I feel more at ease with a female doctor

I prefer female doctors as well I couldn't find a female urologist to do my vasectomy though

Just as only a tiny minority of females of a certain age enjoy spreading their legs and being poked and probed by a doc for vaginal smears, only a tiny minority of males would have an erection when having their prostate checked and/or genitals. There's no reason for a doctor, male or female, to pull back a man's foreskin past the age of 20 if uncircumcised unless there is an indication of problems - only in fantasy. Just as no doctor will probe the details of a 40-year old vulva.

I had a lady doctor when I was a kid. I got kicked in the nuts playing football in high school, kicked hard. My sack swelled up to the size of a softball and hurt like hell. As hard as I tried to hide the pain from my folks, mom knew I needed to see Doc Patty. I was SO embarrassed, worried I'd get a hard-on, but it didn't happen. I ended up losing a nut, but we have two sons so I guess there was no damage done. THAT was the easy visit. The next visit wasn't so tame. I broke my little finger in a fist fight. While Doc Patty was setting it she had my hand in front of her, pressed against her chest(right boob). I INSTANTLY got hard, didn't even notice the pain when she yanked it in to place. Tell me, LOL, did she let me "feel her up" intentionally to keep my mind off the pain, or was it just the way it had to be done. I'm going with intentional. ;)

How about you? Slim finger in your *** or a thick one?

When I was at school we had yearly medical visits in the infirmary, and although the doctor was always an old male. the nurse was a woman and took an obvious interest into the way boys' genitals were checked. I don't know how the doctor checked girls' genitals or even if he did (obviously we weren't done in the same room, while boys were checked in small groups so you knew all about your pals). After a general exam the doctor would pull our underpants down (we had to be in underpants for the visit) and check our testicles, one after the other, to be sure both glands were well descended although we were prepubescent and they obviously were small, althoiugh some of us had started ************ and producing some liquid. If uncut he would pull our foreskins back and check to see if it moved OK or if there were any adherences calling for either a thorough cleaning or a circ. He would usually ask if we *********** or had wet dreams, or any problem peeing. Uncut boys he would remind that the foreskin had to be pulled fully back for peeing and had to be cleaned with soap and warm water morning and night. The nurse followed very closely both exams, and always looked very closely during the penile exam. Usually the doctor would ask her for reinforcement of what he had said about hygiene - loud enough for us to learn who among us was cut and who wasn't, who had good hygiene habits and who didn't. Must have been quite exciting for that female nurse to know she was the only female to know thoroughly our most intimate anatomy and what we did with it.

Your hubby knows that nudity is not sexual necessarily!
i am happy that the both of you are happy and comfy with your Doctor.

Two of my specialist are females. One gave me a full body exam about a month ago. I had to get into an exam gown with nothing on underneath. She had a nurse take some pictures of some damaged skin. They were real professional and since I out in the sun quite a bit I was glad to be deemed OK.

well, she's a doctor and she does what doctors do, which is far from exciting most of the time, since you look at diseased bodies. Anything specially exciting in the fact she's a female?

My wife and I go the a female internist. She is very professional and has retracted my foreskin and looked at my glans penis several times over the last 8 years during my annual physical exam. She exams my scrotum and testicles yearly. She is a great physician and very knowledgeable.

OK, good for you, but...what's exciting about that? Did she palpate your prostate after shoving a gloved finger up your butt? Nothing out of the ordinary here or there...

Nice one!

This sounds like a cross between the playing doctor fantasy and an actual situation. The prostate situation I can accept - the only way to check your prostate and see if it is swollen is to check through the rectum. So doctors do an exam, normally, once a year. As a matter of fact, women are less formalized to do it, since their own holes have been probed time and time again after puberty, so having fingers or anything inserted into you for medical reasons is more normal and natural for them than for most males. Needless to say, most tests for cancer will primarily be done through blood testing, so the palpation is only part of the whole process. As for the foreskin, why on earth would a doctor check the glans of an adult male unless she suspects he may have cancer of the penis? Luckily, most males are circumcised these days, so she wouldn't have to do that anyway, but for the unlucky few who aren't cut, there is no need to retract the foreskin past puberty as a rule. I,ve read protocols for annual examinations of male genitalia, which include palpation of testicles to determine the possible presence of any abnormal nodes, and these protocols indeed recommend pulling the foreskin back in uncut men, but this would be a very special, and not very frequent, type of checkup. Most chekups are made for heart problems, blood problems, back problems...very few female doctors take an exceptional interest in the genitals and the butt of middle-aged males. This being said, the hands that palpate you do not differ if they're male of female...when I was scheduled for a vasectomy (which I renounced) the doctor who checked my testicles for a pre-op visit had extremely fine, extremely soft fingers. Was it pleasant to have him palpate my balls, gently? Of course! They wouldn't be balls otherwise. And there is always a minimal amount of sexual innuendo when you pull your pants down. Which is why most doctors, to avoid potential lawsuits, have a nurse present within the examination area at all times....

My wife and I certainly love our female GP but I must admit that she has never given me a prostate exam. I went straight to jail and got a colonoscopy thanks to a kidney issue. The GI doctor was also female although I think she used the same size probe the male GI would have used. :)<br />
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I agree that the female doctors seem to be generally more caring and often more competent on average.

I always try to find a female dentist or doctor. Even though things have become a bit more fair over the years, I figure a woman still has to work just a bit harder to attain an academic level such as this, and therefore, they are just a tiny bit better than the boys. <br />
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And, I've never been embarrassed. It is their job, after all, and they've all been very professional.

I have had a female doctor for about 10 years now and feel more comfortable that way. I have a full exam about every 2 years which is thorough and sensitive. I do not have erections during the genital exam, which is something I always worry about, and although I find the foreskin retraction the worst part of the exam, she never hurts. I will never get used to the rectal exam! Your husband is lucky that you examine his genitals ~ is this a role play scenario? Does he ever get to examine you?

Why of course he does. Gee, didn't you guys ever play doctor? LOL

A thorough exam every two years is a good thing. Including pulling your foreskin back - problems with an uncut penis can happen at any age.

I have to admit that I'd rather have a woman physician examine my genitalia than a male, even though doctors are professionals and there's no sexuality in the doctor-patient relationship. I'm the patient, and I have the right to feel wierd having another male touch me where any other time in my life it will be a woman.

I had a female doctor do a total exam of me when I was in the hospital. It was sort of funny how she just started looking my **** and balls over like they were my toes or something. I too worried about an erection when she started but I was so surprised by her no-nonsense exam that I surprised myself by not getting aroused. Since my wife was three feet away it was, well, just plain old weird.

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MI went to a female Dermatologist last year and she gave me a full body scan for skin problems. I had no trouble being totally naked in front of her. But then, I have no trouble being naked in front of anyone. lololol

I am with the writer of this story about the size of female's fingers. My wife and I go to the same female doctor for our physical exams and I am happy to report the female has smaller fingers and has always been much more gentle during the prostate exam than some of the male doctors have been to. I have even had similar comments from male doctors about how it shouldn't bother me having a finger up my ***.

i wonder why women, ladies, young girl will look for male doctor for body checking.... open everything that they won show to anyone else like parents, boyfrens etc....<br />
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How "untung" these doctors... girls thinking...

Sooooo funny. One Way, Do Not Enter

My husband told me how once a number of years ago he was bent over an examination table as a doctor (male) inserted a finger up his rectum -- and my husband grunted with discomfort at this.<br />
<br />
The doctor scoffed at his grunting and said "Why that shouldn't bother you. It's much less than the size of a bowel movement."<br />
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And my husband replied "Yes, but a bowel movement is going in the opposite direction."

I do have a male friend who told me that he has climaxed every time he has had a prostate exam. I have never had that problem. He is what you might consider a plain looking man (UG-O-LY). I believe he has his prostate checked about twice a week.

Oh, yes, games can be lots of fun....

Men don't get erections during exams because it would be too emparrassing for them. There is no desire there.<BR>But, playing games........ God how I love playing games....... and SaratogaGirl, I'm sure you smell great.

Oh, god! The dreaded gyno visit.... about as sexy as having the runs! The exam room, the table, the nurse there, the sheet thrown back, my butt hanging off the end and my v-area open to inspection... I immediately start wondering about how I smell.... I have NO idea why.

this reminds me of a joke, The teen daughter after putting on her makeup tossed the washcloth to the side instead of in the hamper. Im her hurry to get to the obgyn she just grabbed it and wiped herself clean and headed out to the appt. What she did not notice was the glitter on the washcloth. So when she was asked into the room to ungown and prep for the checkup. The Dr came in sat down put on the gloves, and looked up at her, you did not have to all dressed up for me dear! lolz

Why Thank You Doctor......<br />
<br />
I have had both male and female docs. Only the male docs have explored "down there". Never any of the female docs. I do not know if that is because I have also been friends with the female docs or not. My doc now is male. <br />
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I am certain it is uncomfortable and somewhat humiliating to go to an OBG visit. It would be worse than having that speculum shoved up my hole and play around in there for three to five minutes. Or longer as the case may be sometimes. Almost feel like the doc can see everything that has gone in and out of that place. All these business cards tacked up on the walls. <br />
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One of the poker groups I know has a member who is the doc for most of the guys in that group. Every now and again, someone will say "Hey Mike, I hear Jim went in to see you yesterday for the Ol Turn and Cough routine. You never spent that much time with me. And I thought you loved me."

Ouch.<br />
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LOL<br />
<br />
Yes, it made sense to me. In fact, of the OB/GYNs I've seen over the years (or should I say "who have seen me"?) most have been female. It's not a question of shyness or modesty -- when you assume the position (remember, guys, your genital exams are external but ours end up being internal -- think of it as a prostate exam that goes on and on and on and involves more than just a finger entering your body) and your legs are spread and your private parts are not very private at all -- as far as I'm concerned, that's equally embarassing no matter who is doing the exploring -- man, woman, gay, straight, Martian -- and yet is quite important for health reasons. So we just deal with it.<br />
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And there is nothing sensual or sexual about it. Not one bit. So I understand why my husband does not get an erection when his doctor puts her fingers on his penis and slides his foreskin back to look at the head all around. I don't get all moist and lubricated just because the OB/GYN who is exploring my vagina happens to be male.<br />
<br />
Now, having said that, please note that I am talking about the real life real thing. <br />
<br />
Sexual fantasy is something completely different. If hubby and I are playing in our bedroom and I start pretending to be a doctor giving him an examination and if I were to take him in my hand and start sliding back his foreskin and looking closely at his penis I would very quickly be observing an erect penis. And, believe me, if I were to remove my clothes and lie down and spread my legs and have my husband start spreading my vaginal lips and exploring in there, oh yes, lubrication would definitely be taking place.<br />
<br />
Uh, yes, as a matter of fact, I think maybe that over the years we've been together we may have played little games like that, just once or twice or twelve times....

He pretty much laid it on the line. I never thought about the prostrate exam though. Good point! So to speak.