I had an awkward experience two years ago that I wanted to share. I originally posted this on someone’s blog but I thought it would be good to post it here as well.

I went to Germany to start working as a TV presenter on a local sports show and I needed to have a medical before I signed my contract. I went to the doctor’s office on the morning of my first day on the job, so that I could get the medical certificate and sign my contract when I got to the studio. The doctor was a woman which I was kinda glad about but she had a male medical student with her. I’m not a shy person, there were a couple of times when I presented in a bikini on TV lol, but I didn’t like having someone else there. But I didn’t want to seem like a prude so I didn’t say anything.

The doctor told me to undress and I knew already that they often didn’t leave the room while you did that in Germany so I just started. The funny thing is I always thought it was pointless that the doctor left the room while you ******** and came back in later, just a waste of time, but I realized while doing it that it was 10 times more awkward stripping down with others in the room. Especially in front of a male student who was probably about 20 but looked like he was about 12 lol. I was also regretting my decision to wear a lacey thong!!

Most of the exam was okay, just normal stuff like listening to your heart & lungs. Then the doctor made me bend over so they could check my spine. I glanced at the boy and I’m pretty sure he was checking out my bum! I was mortified! There were a few more things like rotating my arms, hopping on each leg, and having to do a duck walk! I know it was just procedure but it was sooo embarrassing! Having to do a duck walk in my bra & thong on command was probably the most humiliating experience of my life!

What I learnt from this experience was that I should have spoken up and just told the student to leave straight away. It would have made the whole thing less awkward. My advice in these situations would be to make your views clear even if it’s a little uncomfortable.

Has anyone else had similar awkward experiences in a clinical setting?
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there are a lot of discussion regarding students shadowing attending physicians, they do have to learn, but the patient deserves privacy as well. today we use lots of paid actors for the role of patient.

I understand exactly how you feel. Check out my experience as a kid with precocious puberty!

yap u should have told the student to leave.

No telling how many gross and hairy ***** that kid had seen to that point. I'm sure looking at a models behind was like seeing the 8th wonder of the world. But I don't understand the need for a duck walk and hop on one leg in your underwear. You would think a gown would have been offered. I wonder if the doc gets a chuckle out of making girls that are better looking than her do foolish things. Maybe an ugly duckling syndrome? Pure speculation. You handled it like a champ it sounds like...

Wow. It was probably the best time of his life. Well, I am generally shy of anyone seeing me in my undergarments. I'm confident of my body, but I don't like exposing myself to guy doctors. That's why I changed my doctor ever since puberty hit my life.