I just can't. I would much rather prefer a female doctor. Especially for a gynecologist, cardiologist, PCP. I just don't feel comfortable with male doctors. I can't be as open to my problems as I would with a female (since I'm a girl). I don't want to talk about my menstruations and pain and all with a male. It would be mortifying and awkward if it ever came to that. It's uncomfortable and on top of that, I feel a female would understand my point of view better, which is also why I am more comfortable with female doctors. I mean, I made a big fuss when I had an appointment for the first time after puberty hit full on during high school years. I thought my cardiologist would be a female. I mean though I was more comfortable with a female doctor, it didn't mean it wasn't awkward for me. It turned out that my cardiologist was this heavy set south asian with bags under his eyes and I think a mole on his face. So sue me if I felt he was a perv. I went into the room woth my mom. And I was told by the doctor that I have to take off my upper attire and just wear a gown. And when I saw the gown, at first I was like , oh okay there is no back, at least my front would be covered. But I soon discovered that the puece of gown was to cover only the back. I was thinking what's the effing point. It's like the same as being nude since my front would be exposed. So I didn't change and I left. The doctor and the nurse thought I was over reacting for not wanting to wear the gown. Okay, so someone who wears bikini's or doesn't feel shy about their body would be okay with a male doctor. But I don't. I wear baggy T-shirts and jeans. Never wore a bikini to the beach and all. So it's obvious why I'm uncomfortable. My mother was telling me how I should've. I was so angry. I told her to to tell me in my face that if she were in my position she would've let the doctor examine me. And I know my mom, she wouldn't have. And that's why she had no response.
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I understand your reluctance, but, on the other hand you need to come to grips with it just in case you have to be seen and there a no female doctors available.

*she would've let the doctor examine herself.

*examine her.

And plus, how is it that the cardiologist is looking unhealthy? If the doctor them-self doesn't take care of their own body weight. How am I supposed to take the doctor seriously. Any advice he might've given about health to me would make him sound hypocritical.