I prefer to be in that giggly, light stage of having fun and being in a stage to dance freely

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6 Responses Dec 2, 2008

Drinks for everybody!! Remember to wipe off the spigot after you slurp. And NO SPILLING!!

Well, it could be hemmorhoidal ointment depending on where he was licking... Quick! Pour me some more. This is sticky. Hey, where did Em go? Is she in the gutter again?

I just stumbled in on this. Oh, Queen of The Comments Emerald, I just ate my lunch. I'm eating some of it again I think. Ewww...quick, flutterbly, give me a drink!

Perhaps he was just trying to lick the puke off your face, so you can breathe???!!! :O Ewwwwwww!!! <br />
And think of this: How long had it been since he licked HIMSELF... BEFORE your face????? Double Ewwwie!

lol.<br />
<br />
Maybe it depends on ones up-bringing or social status. One of a higher breed might say "tipsy", one of a lower status is "drunk". No don't like that, huh.<br />
<br />
Well maybe, tipsy is silly and buzz and drunk is stumble and puke. No, that's not nice either, huh.<br />
<br />
Well at any rate ... have fun, be safe and don't get hurt!

Yes, better to TIP than to STUMBLE! ;)