Giggly and Kissy

I don't drink very often in my life anymore - that pretty much ceased when I left graduate school.  But, in our neighborhood there are several events that allow me to cut loose just a bit - our Progressive Dinner Christmas Party and the Annual Luau.

The Annual Luau is always a fun experience for me - my husband makes my favorite beverage (Vodka Collins) (the Luau is BYOB) and just keeps my little pineapple with a straw filled - I have no idea how much I drink really but I get a warm cozy feeling after just one serving.  As the evening progresses, I talk to all sorts of people (and I am not drunk - I remember the conversations - I remember meeting new people when I see them later on).  I also don't mind dancing with my other girlfriends since some of us have stick in the mud husbands that WON'T dance.  I start to get tickled about a lot more things (plus the really drunk but not obnoxious people are hilarious to watch) and when we finally go home - I don't really care if I have gotten any loving attention from my husband - I am very friendly and affectionate (  ) that evening - my husband says that is his favorite part of the Luau each year!  (lol)

Anyway, every once in awhile, it is fun to remember what it was like when you were younger and a little more foolish and let that person come out and play for a bit (that's what happens when I am tipsy - it also happens at Disney World and at Amusement Parks when riding the Roller Coasters).

DorothyofOz DorothyofOz
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Hmmmmmmmm very interesting !!!!!