I'm 15 and ever since I was a young child I liked white guys. But everyone always tells me how wrong. They always complain about interracial relationships and tell me that I should date someone black.I told my friend who I was interested in, the first thing she said was "…But he's white." I was shocked. I thought that she would accept it and be ok with but I was wrong. People look at me like I'm an alien. Like I don't belong. When I was younger I tried to force myself to like someone black. I thought people would accept me if I did. Of course I have liked black guys. I just have a stronger attraction to white. And I wish I didn't. It makes my life a lot harder. A lot of white guys will stare at me and be my friend. But are too scared to become anything more. I thought that this year, I would finally stop caring about what others thought. But I care even more. In fact I keep quiet about this. Very few people know that I prefer white guys. And only some have accepted it. I just feel so shunned. By family and friends. And I'm tired of trying to be something that I'm not. And all I want now is for someone to tell that it's ok to date outside your race.
themusician001 themusician001
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 22, 2014

Its ok. The heart wants what the heart wants. It doesnt see race. Everyone has a preferable type. You've found yours early. Good Luck!