Another World Inside My Heart

As I was young I always had the longing inside, and I watched the sky. Always up to somewhere were the stars shot, hoping that on a wishing star I might be able to fullfill my only wish... to go somewhere else. To another world, another realm. As the stars shot around in the sky and I watched the moon, praying, wishing with all my being, yet nothing would happen to lead me to another world. I knew I might never get back once I left, but I was okay with that... any world beside this one would be interesting. I wonder if I would think the same if this one was the world I dreamed of.
In my dreams I suddenly realised that there, there was the other world I needed.
My fantasy could create greatness beyond this reality, such a great place with demons, dragons, elfs, fairys, talking animals, strange beings, strange things. I always love that world, it was mine, but each time I woke up from the world which I ruled, which I was a god, I found this world to be sad and gray. Each night, each breath I took, each taste and smell.. my fantasy, it was so great. So magical, and I wished I could stay. I truly prefer fantasy to the cruel world of reality. In my fantasy there is peace, there is glory, there is everything and dragons. I love dragons so much. This world is so cold, the humans here so souless, the rules so cruel, and everything is dying.
But in my fantasy there is no need for pain, no need for war, even rules are no need for there is only kindness. I love that realm of fantasy, it is the place I belong, and when I am here I feel so wrong, like a misplace in this world. Only when I am in that other world, my fantasy I can find my place, the place which I do not have here.
Barlong Barlong
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3 Responses Feb 20, 2011

I often find myself escaping reality to fantasy when things really get tough. I would go to the dreamworld where I am free to express myself there wholly and forget all the insecurities of life. Sometimes it's not good for my well being for I tend to push people away that i care about but it's all the process of living the human experience! Just makes this life more complex in nature and more challenges I have to rise above.<br />
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Haha too much rambling sorry, anyways I often fantasize about other worldly creatures as you listed like fairies/dragons/mythical creatures for I have experienced some really paranormal stuff. I do believe there are extra-dimensional planes in the same location we are inhabting because life is full just infinite spaces of Life! ahh made me really delve deep into this subject- i can go all day lol

I like rambling, for it's not rambling sorta. :)
I do not think of dreams as the same world as this, but consider it another plain of existence honestly. To me it's like another reality, where things can happen like in this world. I can not always controll it, but I can experience so many wonderfull things and everything. Dreams.. I really love dreams. I to could ramble about it all day, because dreams is like a way to heal the soul. It's a warm and kind fairys kiss on your cheek, with wonderous powers that can melt away anything terrible.

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It is just too bad that it is impossible to make Fantasy turn to reality without hard effort and action.

Other than the word "cruel" to describe this world, I can't agree more. I would not call the world cruel as much as simply empty. Dying is a fine word. Soulless works as well. But not particularly cruel. Some people can be, but the world itself, no. <br />
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Everything else - exactly.