Help People Understand Why We As A People Had To Create Religions And Them Slowly Drop The Bombs

the bombs are the reactions of the masses to the truth that religion is a tool. a tool that is no longer very useful as we as human beings have just gone too technologically far now. the brain and our logic centers are evolving again. i hate to see what our DNA will become if something does happen to Earth. Hope we don't come back as cavemen because we showed our power nonstop as stupid homo sapiens, "normalus." LOL

religion gets in the way of education. it causes a big disadvantage to some kids' minds. it isn't fair. i was among one of those damaged children. And damn the Bible. Take that **** too seriously and it can give you a heart attack!

history can be better taught if they just come out and tell the Christians that it is not about Jesus anymore. Sorry. Jesus is outnumbered.
warofwords2013 warofwords2013
22-25, F
Jan 20, 2012