What I Believe-not Always The Truth

I remember when I first started dating my current husband. I had him pegged first for a romantic man more in tune to my feelings than I was. I saw that he was a poet, he just didn't know it. He wrote me poems with the penn name "Leo." I remember putting his poem in my diary and making an entry in it saying how truly romantic it was. Later when I went to my car, I found a single rose underneath the windshield wiper of my car. The was a short note speaking of my beauty and how lucky he felt for meeting me and he confessed that he was falling in love with me. I truly thought that he the other half of me that made us a complete package. We started using words like "soul mates"; "destiny"; "my true love"; "forever"; "my other half". It was crazy how much in tune I "felt" he was in connection to me. I kept thinking that it was all a FANTASY.

I didn't realize the blinders would be taken off so suddenly when I got the phone call and him telling me he had been having an affair for a couple of months. Imagine going from an imagine of someone who is a SOUL MATE to someone who is a SCOUNDREL! I wish he had been in my shoes for like a week so he could feel the amount of PAIN he inflicted on me and TRUST he threw away. I don't care what people tell you, the relationship changes after an affair. I could never trust him again, and really he didn't give me enough time to heal before I caught him doing something else. Soulmate? What the hell was I thinking?! I had a fantasy guy all set up to live happily ever after with......sometimes I see or hear of couples who have been married for 30, 40, 50 years. I thought, wished, dreamed that my second marriage would be the one thing I did right.
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Ohhh he bearly be lucky that i dint know u or im or u at that time.... ill be beating him with my fist for hurting u... jackass...

Thank U!!

U are so welcome....

What makes you think you are special? If he has the skill to make u believe he is your soulmate, that skill can be applied to anyone. Why should he settle for you?


More importantly, why wouldn't I think I'm important? No, I don't think someone who was onto his game would have been dupped. Why should he settle for me? No, the question should be Why should I settle for HIM? I have my **** together except for a little mistake called love. I loved him and he destroyed it by being a callous jerk. What's your excuse? Why do you go attack people who put their stuff out there? I noticed you don't have the balls to put yourself out there.

Then what's the problem?...... Move the **** on.