I Have A Crush On A Video Game Character

okay I'm a gamer more or less really since i mostly play rpg's like kingdom hearts and final fantasy. the reason is i want to travel, i want to be free and in video games I'm another person i am in another world even if it's not real i can escape from my everyday life that feels like i have lived a day over and over again and i cant get out of this time loop. because i'm a student i can leave my small small town for another year or two and i hate it. but that's just my back round story my crush started a year ago.
I got final fantasy VII:crisis core for the PSP a year or two ago everybody knows Zack Fair is the main character, is Cloud's best friend and other things that a FF7 fan will understand. well i spend months playing this game, love it, cried because of someones death at the end (no spoiler here if you played FF7 you know what I mean) anyways i love the characters, they are the type of heroes we want and they have good story dept felt like i was watch a tv series really or movie. and i just think Zack is amazing, he's a great guy that i have a crush on.
people may think I'm crazy but it's not the character itself i like it's the idea of him. maybe his the type of guy i want in the real world and the guy of my dreams is someone who is like Zack or similar. not looks but personality and values but i do think his really good looking.^ ^
I don't it's wrong to have a crush on a fictional character if it's the personality you like and want to find in a person. maybe that's why we like them it's a image of what we're hoping to find.
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I loved playing FF7 since I was a young girl. I see nothing wrong with you having a crush on video games characters. Zack is good looking and I love his character. I like a lot of video games characters and have many crashes and I am almost 30 and married. Nothing wrong with fantasy!