How It Should Have Been

... Everyday I wake up sad, weak, and alone. But in fantasy I'm a hero. I protect the good people and punish the bad people and make the world a better place. I can't do that in real life. Because I'm sad weak and alone...............
Sirbutts Sirbutts
18-21, M
2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Dude Ian don't think that way man. You're a part of history and in a conversation with humanity in a way we barely understand or are even conscious of.

If you have the will to be a hero along with the desire and the dedication necessary, you can be a hero anywhere and at anytime.

They tend to be the most unlikeliest people for a reason, we all can be them. Just sit tight with the right mindset and the right perspective waiting for your moment to shine. But you need to put yourself there though.

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