Someplace Else

I want to live in Middle Earth. I want to jump into my 10th kingdom movie and be the heoine. I want to find my way through the labyrinth and have the goblin king sing to me. I want to be merlin's best friend. I want to wear fairy clothes every day (somethimes I really do) I want to be married to my favorite character from the wheel of time series.

I hate it here! I hate living in reality and having to do things because "thats what I have to do." Sometimes I will leave my phone at home and drive into the mountains and sleep in my car just to feel like I am somewhere else. I will put on a long flowy skirt and go read in the forest. I love going to festivals where everyone dresses up and I feel like I am in another land far from here.

Feels good to get that out....

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2 Responses Dec 6, 2008

I am completely with you. I have never run away to stay somewhere else, though. I usually turn to my stories (I am a fantasy fiction writer) or a role-play. But I will definitely try to do that. lol.

I know where your coming from,<br />
everyone feels like they are enclosed in their surroundings.<br />
Their is always that constant mystery that lingers, making you think that there could be something SO much bigger out there instore for you.<br />
<br />
You will feel this way until you leave and do what your mind longs to do, but give it time, your going to miss the simple pleasures that you have become a custom too<br />
<br />
:D<br />
i like flowy skirts in the forest too!!!<br />
i have this spot, at my cottage, where its a waterfall, but there are a bunch of flat rocks on the edge, too far away for water to reach and i sit there and read...sometimes when i look up, it feels like im about to ride down the water fall like a water slide!