Goodness For Nonconvention.

i am still only 6 months past my last long termish relationship. relationships are complicated. expectations and responsibilities. i like time alone to remember who i am, and to become who i need to be. so right now, i'm not looking for anything serious. if it falls into my lap, i'm not sure what action i will take. i just wanna be me for a minute until it is firm in my bones and soul.
sicandra sicandra
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 20, 2007

Yes, NOW is the time to restrengthen or bond with old friends, or even forge new friendships. You can be at your best here, because they will have your full attention and support. I was reminded of this just this morn, when I passed by an old friend's house. She and I have lost our BONDING friendship since I married and took on family responsibilities. Our lives have changed and distanced us, even though I don't think this shoulda happened. But it does when relationships with "mate material" become involved! Also, when you need your space and time alone, a friend accepts that it's time to go home, and leave you be! lol.