Finger Majick

Finger magic is very old and few people know it but some how play with it. The left hand is female {receiving) and the right is male(sending)

The index or first finger is the "Air" finger. Used to send through the air, Today a teacher may send with the right hand first finger a message to the back of the room a message. "Shut up!"

The right hand "Middle finger" that so many like so much is FIRE/Mars! You are invoking Mars the God of war when you use this finger.

The 3rd finger is "water"/emotions. The ring is placed on a woman’s 3rd finger to keep her emotions in check as she now belong to the husband. Remember left hand is female.

The 4th is the little finger that is "Earth" you use it to ground yourself when you get to flighty. Your placing all other fingers interlocking and extend the little fingers straight and touching. You draw on our Mother Earth with the left hand and send out all emotions that are ill or corrupted. It for when you feel over whelmed....DD


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Pixelita, my sweet friend, I would bet you know more about "finger magick" then the Chinese wise men who first wrote about this technique...DD XXXOOO

Wow...I never knew any of this! Very interesting DD! :-)

HI WhyForever, nice to hear your positive input...DD

That's awesome! You amaze me; I love learning new things and I always find something interesting from you :)

Ha! Remember lalaninjacakes, if you point one at me you are pointing three back at your self…DD

Wow, that's very interesting. Seriously, I'll be careful with which hand I point with now